7N-A2050 Leggendda


During the period of transition between simulated and digital audio, the world experienced an unknown revolutionary new sound. The once minority view that "audio cables affect sound quality" has become a well-known fact. And it all began with Acrolink's 6N (99.9999%) Cu. Even today, there is no publicly available standard for component data in this field, but Acrolink has been publishing objective data using the GD-MS (Gas Analysis) method from the beginning. In pursuit of better sound quality, they developed high-purity 8N Cu and upgraded to the "Acrolink 7N Cu", which has a purity of 99.99999% and impurity content outside of copper of less than 0.00001%. This high-purity 7N Cu for audio can increase crystal size by tens of times and manage crystal structure direction. It is now the ultimate evolution of Acrolink's fourth-generation "Leggenda" series.

The newly released coaxial 7N-A2050 Leggenda is an entry-level model in this series but condenses the essence of the highest quality. It uses the same high-end D.U.C.C Stressfree 7N Cu conductor as the high-end models, with a diameter of 0.18mm and 34 strands. To ensure concentricity and perfect shielding, a high-quality polyethylene insulation layer with a diameter of 4.8mm is used. The copper foil tape and horizontal 4N5-OFC high-density winding form a double-layer shielding layer, greatly reducing interference noise from the outside, expanding the low distortion and flat area of the frequency characteristic up to the audio range of over tens of GHz, achieving improvement beyond the audible frequency range and bringing a significant improvement in sound quality. Acrolink's unique Stressfree (special annealing) processing method ensures the long-term maintenance of crystal structure. The RCA plug uses a brand-new Acrolink original component, with a tungsten copper center pin that has excellent transmission characteristics and a hollow tube structure with direct rhodium plating to further improve transmission performance. In addition, it also has a protective sleeve design. For XLR plugs, Acrolink uses high-quality products manufactured by Noitric, which are very reliable in both practice and reputation. The contact ends of the male and female connectors are made of high-quality brass without a bottom layer and directly gold-plated. The zinc alloy shell is thick and heavy, which can suppress unnecessary vibrations and help to reduce micro-vibration noise. Combined with the cable itself, it can achieve low distortion and expand the frequency response range to over 10GHz, achieving basic sound quality improvement. Acrolink's aging technology includes the aging of materials and circuits. Through a special treatment process during production, the product's performance is more stable and can reach its optimal state after a certain period of use. In addition, Acrolink also uses precision assembly technology to ensure that each plug and cable connection is very precise, achieving the best signal transmission effect. In summary, the Acrolink 7N-A2050 Leggenda is a highly technical high-end coaxial digital audio cable with extremely high purity and precise manufacturing technology, providing unparalleled sound performance and an excellent choice for music lovers and audiophiles.

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Cable diameter



7N Cu D.U.C.C Stressfree 0.18mm x 34 strands (AWG 18)


Polyethylene resin


Copper foil tape + 4N5 OFC (Horizontally winded)

Outer sleeve

UV resistant Polyurethane resin

Conductor resistance


Electrostatic capacitance


RCA Connector Specifications

Center contact pin

Hollow shaped Tellurium copper

Negative side contact part

Deoxidized Phosphor copper


Rhodium plating


Aluminum + Carbon fiber


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