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EarrBOND EBT Small


EarrBOND product features:

  • Patented design
  • Free size hybrid Earbud design.
  • Medical grade silicone shield for sensitive skin
  • Hence the bass by good back pressure
  • Reduce sound lose by long tubing into the canal

EBT Series


Asian Fit

Small (NEW)

Outer diameter

12.5 mm

11 mm

10.5 mm


12 mm

12 mm

8.8 mm

Tube Diameter

4 mm

4 mm

4 mm

Hybrid design Enhance bass

Earrbond is sleek and sweatproof. Its enhanced bass makes listening to music more appealing. Earrbonds designs is bullet shaped and armed with a Silicone Shield that greatly improves the comfort level when using it. Its elegant design can be easily used with all major brands


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