Enigma - A Project of Legacy and Innovation

Enigma - A Project of Legacy and Innovation

Project Enigma being Eletech's very first release as we usher in 2024, is an important product as we envision our path in 2024---our 5th anniversary year manifested in the product itself. In 2024, Eletech takes a step ahead in innovation while preserving the legacy, values and craftsmanship of the Brand. "Enigma" inherits design traits from Eletech's signature geometrical cuts , materials geometry and signature from the legacy "Iliad" -- evolved a step further, while embracing new innovations - "Versa Adaptive System" for the very first time within Eletech's line up. Launched as a limited region exclusive with only 68 pieces in creation, the Enigma finds its way into the streets of  Hong Kong.

Hong Kong
The audio community of Hong Kong and its vibrant audiophile populations has always been close to the heart of Eletech. We'd often find ourselves asking - "What would our friends in HK love?". The audio scene in Hong Kong is highly sophisticated while many of them are long time connoisseurs of audio products. They keep themselves up to date on the latest tech while developing their own unique refined tastes for selection of premium audio goods. Hence, it's always a challenge releasing region specific products for the community over there. Eletech founding members during our previous stints have found ourselves nestled within the Hong Kong audio scenes throughout the years and we found solstice in the friendship of the distribution / dealers , customers and media partners. They've remained a shining beacon for us, often providing valuable feedback on areas we need improvements on as well as areas that we should explore -- and hence, Enigma was born, making its debut in 2024, our year of celebrating legacy ; exclusively in HK.

Versa Adaptive System
Eletech has worked on an adaptive system for the longest time, previous prevailing solutions offered to us were not satisfiable from imbalances in signal transmission as well as sound degradation. In 2021, we've relooked and overhauled the entire design of the connector system, keeping in mind its inevitable need for a modular configuration as the system continues to run its course. We had to first solve the issue of imbalances in signal transmission & degradation due to the prevailing coaxial structure and we therefore reverted to what we know works best - a 2Pin system. On the interior connection side of the system we developed a much larger 2Pin extrusion system to ensure minimal signal loss by maximising a large contact area and using superior conduction materials. With that major hurdle removed, the rest was easy. To bring the product to the market at a faster pace, we've partnered with DDHifi -- known for their array of adaptors products to leverage on their manufacturing resources and experience to enable "Versa" to come to fruition swiftly and in accordance to our meticulous design blueprints.

Legacy ; Evolved
"Iliad" was Eletech's first Parnassus series , flagship product. Till date it has received widespread acclaim and continues to be widely discussed and sought after. The "Enigma" takes a certain set of characteristics from "Iliad" ,""Vocals & Musicality"-- evolved further. Built with the same "Palladium plated silver" crafted with more modern techniques, the Enigma features Palladium Plated Silver, Gold Plated Silver as well as OCC Copper all in a calculated careful ratio mix and shielded with Eletech's unique shielding technique previously not available. Users will notice slightly more heft to the cable compared to Eletech's usual offerings as we've, in this instance, upped the density of wire strands by 1.4 times, exceeding our previous limits ; With that, we've developed a new insulation to ensure integrity of the cores in spite of the increased density. A further fully grounded shielding net is applied on the cable, connected to the 4.4mm GND ensuring the signal transmission to flow unabated. 
Final Thoughts
With this new shielding technique applied, it's highly advisable to burn in the cable at least 150 hours prior to listening as the shielding net does affect the transmission flow, affecting high frequency extensions prior to being burnt in. The Enigma will feature a luscious vocals - rich and well bodied texture mid range flows through ceaselessly, with the presentation angle of being on the same stage as the musician. Enigma, being first in Eletech's lineup to focus more on emotive overtones and the capture of musicality, immersing our users in the experience of the music piece rather than our usual approach of being an "analyst". Users can expect to hear every grunts and gruff of the vocals, be seduced by the allure of extreme musicality and to immerse themselves in the music with the Enigma, a product kicking off our 2024 celebrations.