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A&futura SE300 Titan Limited Edition
The Future of Analog Sound, SE300 Carries the spirit of innovation from Astell&Kern, aiming to create products never before seen on the market. The fourth product in the series, the SE300, is equipped with an ultra-fine 0.01% R-2R DAC and a CLASS A/AB dual amplifier system. It adopts Astell&Kern's patented TERATON ALPHA technology and is paired with the brand's first in-house developed FPGA optimization chip. This allows the SE300 to produce a true, linear, and unique analog sound, fully embodying Astell&Kern's technical prowess, strength, and pursuit of sound quality. The SE300's sleek and stylish design perfectly blends with its advanced technology, making it a high-definition music player that values both sound quality and appearance. In the process of pursuing excellent products, Astell&Kern bravely challenges the limits of material innovation, striving to present the most exquisite works. Not only does it convey the original acoustic effects, but it also integrates infinite creativity from innovative design, aiming at every detail. The SE300 Titanium Limited Edition is crafted from special materials and exquisite craftsmanship. It is a pioneer in material innovation, producing meticulous audio quality through the R-2R DAC and analog amplifier, while also offering a top-notch tactile experience. Explore the SE300 Titanium Limited Edition, bringing Astel&Kern's top-tier analog audio experience to your fingertips. The limited edition set also includes a delicate leather case, providing perfect protection for you.
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As the second masterpiece in the Dante Series, titled after the "Purgatorio" part of the Divine Comedy duo, it combines two carefully designed 21AWG high-purity dual-stranding OCC silver. It employs a unique dual geometry wire structure, woven with Dual-Shielded. Crafted with master-level wiring skills, it produces a sound with profound note weight and depth, while also providing mesmerizing musicality, rich and delicate emotion, as well as precise and three-dimensional sound imaging.   *Please note: The above suggested retail prices are for standard configurations. For custom orders with specified audio jack plugs, please refer to the following price list: Headphone Jack Plugs (3.5mm L&R) Focal Stellia/Clear, Hifiman , Rosson, Meze Liric, Final  (2.5mm L&R) Hifiman, HD700, Diana (Mini XLR 3-pin) Abyss (Mini XLR 4-pin) Audeze, Meze Empyrean / Elite, Kennerton, ZMF (Furutech Mini XLR 4-pin) Audeze, Meze Empyrean / Elite, Kennerton, ZMF +HK$500 (DCA / Hirose)Dan Clark Audio / Mr Speakers (3.5mm TRRS)MySphere / Hifiman R10 (Sennheiser HD800)HD800 / HD800s +HK$400 (Focal LEMO)Focal Utopia +HK$500 (Sennheiser 2Pin)HD600 / HD650 (A2DC)Audio-Technica +HK$500 (Z1R)Sony +HK$500 Player/Amplifier Jack Plugs Stereo 3.5mm Balanced 2.5mm Balanced 4.4mm Balanced 6.3mm XLR 3-Pin +HK$300 (Furutech Balanced 6.3mm)CF-763SM +HK$660 (Furutech 4-Pin XLR)FP-705M +HK$500 (Furutech XLR 3-Pin)CF-601M +HK$2500 The above only shows most common jack plug types. If you have any special requests, please feel free to contact us directly for customization.
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【#新品速遞】精準與情感兼備|十一單元圈鐵混合單元|航天級鋁合金機身|德國製造|Astell&Kern x Vision Ears AURA