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Empire Ears Legend EVO
**** Please read carefully before purchase ****- There might be slight cosmetic issues, or missing minor accessories as the products have been demonstrated.- 3 months warranty provided starting from the date of purchase.- For online purchase, please select "pick up at our service center" or you may contact us for arrangement.- In case of any disputes, ECT Eichi Technology International Limited reserves the right of final decision.   The story of the Legend EVO is one of revolution. Free from the constraints of convention and empowered by the skills gained from decades of experience, we knew that in order to develop a proper successor we had to take extraordinary new measures.With a pioneering Dual Conduction Architecture and 8 driver tribrid system at its core the Legend EVO emits unprecedented levels of innovation and performance to create a new benchmark in the IEM industry.The Legend EVO stands as the paragon of technical brilliance and it represents the boldest expression of Empire Ears.         【Empire Ears Legend EVO Authorized Dealers】   - Broadway百老滙 - DMA 泛音 (旺角星際) - DMA 泛音 (深水埗高登) - DMA 泛音 (灣仔電腦城) - DMAG - Dma×Encore×UrbanTech合作企劃店 - ECT Showroom 會員專區 - 英京 SK-HK.com (友誠商業中心) - 英京 SK-HK.com (銅鑼灣利園山道36號) - 新八佰伴 (澳門)
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