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Hemingway Audio


Hemingway Audio starts from Indratech Co., Ltd., founded in 1988. We manufacture mobile relay and CATV facilities, etc. In a 15-year comm-itment to free control of magnetic fields, it is the world's first patented technology (FMCF) to control vibrations, magnetic fields, and countercu-rrents. The stage is reproduced with delicate and natural sound quality, which is the aesthetics of the sophistication Hemingway Audio pursues.
Recently, we launched a low-end professional line following the high-end cable to impress the diverse public. We have released cable for broadcasting, recording, performing, and filming for professionals, as well as guitar and microphone cables for Singers and bands. Hemingway Audio enhances the dignity of art, there is a musical sensation that only Hemingway Audio can embody.