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SHICHIKU.KANGEN is an IEM project jointly developed by Japan’s final Audio and Singapore’s DITA Audio. Powered by a Truly Pure Beryllium Driver GEN.SK and channelled through the OSLO Cable GEN.SK, the SHICHIKU.KANGEN’s components have been tuned by both companies from scratch, aimed at giving the listener a visual and sonic experience different from anything in both brand’s line ups. The delicate ASANOHA gold patterns found on the SHICHIKU.KANGEN’s shell is created through the art of Chinkin, a lacquer technique with its origins in China, later developed in Japan. Machine-etched, hand filled. Each shell has passed through the hands of designers, engineers and lacquer craftsmen. Weaving new and old together to bring the SHICHIKU.KANGEN to life through their skills.

The Dream Collaboration
In 2015, DITA became final Audio’s distributor in Southeast Asia, kickstarting the longstanding relationship between both companies. Both companies had similar principles in the area of tuning, product development and attention to material science. This eventually developed into a mutual respect for each other’s products. As such, this distributor-principal relationship soon became a friendship. Following this, final became DITA Audio’s distributor in Japan. During periods of casual conversation, the two brands discussed the possibility of pooling the tech and experience between both brands to develop a pair of earphones.
Ultimate Craftmanship - Chinkin, The Sunken Gold
"Chinkin" is a decorative technique in which a pattern is carved on the surface of lacquerware with a special knife (Chinkin knife). Then urushi, lacquer is rubbed in, and gold leaf or gold powder are applied repeatedly to create multiple thin gold layers which stacks up to present the best shininess. After the lacquer has dried, the surrounding gold leaf or gold powder is wiped off, leaving only the gold powder on the engraved pattern, creating a beautiful and delicate image. The beautiful hemp leaf pattern found on the SHICHIKU.KANGEN’s shell is made possible thanks to this exacting technique.
Truly Pure Beryllium Driver Gen.SK
A new driver, the “Truly Pure Beryllium Driver Gen.SK” was developed with thorough attention and detail. This driver imparts its vivid, lively sound, beautiful presentation and exceptional transient response to the SHICHIKU.KANGEN’s sound signature. In a bid to create a wide, rich and distortion-free low range, both companies have also developed a new method to attach the voice coil to the diaphragm. This requires a customised jig design, and a new bonding method, which DITA with its parent company’s expertise with plastics and resins was able to develop. Allowing the voice coil to drive the diaphragm while having very little impact on its sound signature. In addition, the voice coil and internal wiring have been selected to be optimal for the OSLO cable Gen.SK. This should result in a maximally coherent sound signature.
OSLO Cable Gen.SK
Since its inception, DITA Audio emphasises the use of a quality, custom-built cable in all its products, Truth cable, co-developed with Van Den Hul, and the OSLO oil-soaked copper cable that is supplied with a bottle of contact enhancing fluid. These innovations are led by a belief that cables matter even more in personal audio where differences in sound quality are even more readily apparent due to the absence of room acoustics. The co-developed OSLO used in the SHICHIKU.KANGEN product is once again specifically formulated to elevate the performance of the product. Over 30 different configurations were tried and tested before arriving at a version of the OSLO cable that would suitably elevate the performance of the product. The OSLO Cable Gen.SK comes terminated with an MMCX connector on the earphone side as well as interchangeable 2.5mm -balanced, 3.5mm single-ended and 4.4mm DITA proprietary AWESOME plugs..
Extra details of accessories
Inside the packaging is a Story Book that explains, in detail, the development and production of the SHICHIKU.KANGEN. The earphones come with a set of two soft velvet cases, one for the earbuds and another for the cable, as well as a a hard leatherette case. The two velvet cases separate the eabuds from the interchangeable plug: Preventing scratches on both. These cases and systems have been designed specifically for the SHICHIKU.KANGEN



True Beryllium Driver Gen. SK







Housing Material:

Stainless Steel|Chinkin Asanoba Faceplate




Type-E (SS,S,M,L,LL)
Type-E Soft (SS,S,M,L,LL)
MMCX Assist(Black) x2
Filter Changing Toolx1
Soft Earphone Bagx1
Soft Cable Bagx1
Hard Leather Casex1
DITA Awesome Plug (2.5mm,3.5mm,4.4mm) x1


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