7N-A2080 Leggenda


"2080" is a special product model of ACROLINK, known as the "source of music" or the "top of the pyramid". There was a limited edition 8N-A2080 Performante cable, which was only produced in 199 sets. It was made of precious ACROLINK Stresfree 8N Cu wire, and reproducing it is no longer possible. It is strictly guarded in the production room. The unique feature of the cable is the use of Litz wire technology that covers each individual conductor. Although Litz wire technology is a structural process, its effect is very significant. This "music" can only be auditioned in the ACROLINK R&D department (not publicly available), and it is still one of the best "active" cables. It is delicate and flexible, has elasticity, color wisdom, infinite yin and yang levels, and the sound is elegant. The most important thing is that it can convey "emotion".

Now, ACROLINK has upgraded it with D.U.C.C. Stressfree 7N Cu Litz wire technology, combining new peripheral technologies and materials, and named it the A2080 Leggenda series to inherit this "music" tradition. The conductor diameter of the cable is 0.24mm × 25, and the total cross-sectional area is about 1.069 square millimeters. Stresfree is the only cable that can automatically restore its organizational health status. As long as it is not affected by excessive external forces, it will automatically restore its health status. In addition, when the electric current flows through it, self-annealing will promote the reduction of residual strain, thereby maintaining high sound quality for a long time. The individual conductor is covered with high-purity polyethylene and uses electromagnetic wave absorption to absorb and exclude tiny noise from non-magnetic and silk wires in the area closest to the conductor. Then it is transformed into a high-polymer polyolefin mixture with shock-absorbing material. Next, copper foil tape, 7N wire braiding, Noise BEATR tape, and UEW braiding are used to form four layers of shielding, and UV-resistant polyurethane is used to package the outer size of 11 millimeters. RCA plugs use high-conductivity beryllium copper 50 as the hot end and practice-proven phosphor bronze as the cold end. After two polishing processes, these plugs are coated with thick silver plating and high-quality rhodium plating, and the plugs themselves use three materials, such as aluminum, carbon fiber, and aerospace-grade ultra-hard aluminum alloy, to suppress unnecessary vibration as much as possible. XLR plugs use high-quality direct rhodium plating treatment, with high-quality copper (hot end) and beryllium copper 50 (cold end). The plug itself uses ACROLINK's unique high-precision and high-quality connector, made of solid material and carbon fiber composed of brass. It is worth mentioning that the connector of the 7N-A2080 Leggenda XLR cable meets the 110Ω impedance characteristics, so it can also be used as a digital cable AES/EBU.

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Cable Materials & Specifications


7N Cu D.U.C.C Stressfree Liz wire 0.24mm x 25 strands x2 cores(AWG 16)


Polyethylene resin

Inner sleeve

Hybrid Polyolefin resin with resonance control powder
(Tungsten + Amorphous)


Copper foil tape + Braided 7N Cu wire + Noise BEAT tape + braided UEW

Outer sleeve

UV resistant Polyurethane resin

Conductor resistance

18 mΩ/m

Electrostatic capacitance

57 pF/m

Cable diameter


XLR Connector Specifications

Male contact pins

Hollow shaped Tellurium copper(Male),

Female contact pins

Beryllium copper(Female)

Plating for contact pins


Outer body

Brass + Carbon fiber



RCA connector Specifications

Center contact pin

Hollow shaped Beryllium copper

Outer contact parts

Deoxidized Phosphor copper


Silver layered Rhodium(Hand polished before plating)

Outer body

Aluminum + Carbon fiber + Duralumin


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