7N-A2400 Leggenda


This is about a product manufactured in Japan that boasts the world's highest level of material development, precision processing technology, verification technology, high-precision mass production technology, and various peripheral technologies that support them. Additionally, it includes expertise in collecting cutting-edge technology information. In 1987, Acrotec (the predecessor of Acrolink) commercialized high-purity Cu (used as a wiring material between LSI wafers and terminals) as an audio cable product, marking the beginning of audio cables as components. This made the realization of a close link between artists and listeners a reality. Acrolink's 7NCu is seven nines purity, which guarantees less than 0.00001% of all impurities (excluding certain special cases) for ultra-pure copper. Additionally, Acrolink has pursued the ability to transmit only the fundamental range of music to the far reaches of the hall until the sound disappears, using its unique stress-free processing. Now, Acrolink has upgraded all of its products comprehensively. Acrolink Balance is a delicate "bare wire diameter of 0.26φ x 19" twisted in reverse direction with high density and optimal tension, coated with squalane oil, and covered with high-purity polyolefin. Silk thread between the wires enhances electrostatic removal, and a high-performance polyolefin with amorphous powder blending to suppress unnecessary vibration forms the inner sheath. Furthermore, a double shield layer is formed by adding a copper foil tape and UEW + silver-plated soft copper wire braid on the outside. The outermost layer is finished with UV-resistant polyurethane. Additionally, the connector is the biggest limiting factor in the transmission system's performance, but Acrolink is equipped with its unique original connector. The RCA connector inherits the previous generation's 7N-A2400Ⅲ. Using tellurium copper from solid materials that does not contain iron components and has superior strength and sound quality, the center pin maintains ultra-wide-range transmission as a tubular hollow structure. The resonant mode is dispersed and external noise is eliminated by using aluminum and carbon fiber for the connector cover. The XLR connector decided to adopt the higher-end 8N-A2080Performante connector. It uses high-quality tellurium copper (male) with high-quality direct rhodium plating treatment and beryllium copper (female). The body is made of brass + carbon fiber, a high-precision high-quality connector unique to Acrolink that is extremely robust. By combining inheritance and advanced materials, Acrolink has created a new legend of sound.

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Cable Materials & Specifications


7N Cu D.U.C.C Stressfree 0.26ø x 19 strands x2 cores


High molecular Polyolefin resin

Inner sleeve

High molecular Polyolefin resin with amorphous powder


Copper foil tape + sliver plated copper wire + black UEW

Outer sleeve

Anti UV Polyurethane

Conductor resistance

17 mΩ/m

Electrostatic capacitance

69 pF/m

Cable diameter


XLR Connector Specifications

Male contact pins

Hpllow shaped Tellumrium copper

Female contact pins

Beryllium copper

Plating for contact pins


Outer body

Brass + carbon fiber



RCA connector Specifications

Center contact pin

Hollow shaped Tellurium copper

Outer contact parts

Beryllium copper



Outer body

Aluminum + Carbon fiber


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