7N-D5050 Leggenda


7N. Seven-nine. Purity over 99.99999%. ... (Note: except for xx) ... All impurities, including gold and silver, are counted, and the total amount is less than 0.00001%, for Acrolink's 7NCu. Acrolink ensures stress-free processing for optimal performance in use. However, what happens if there are impurities or defects in the materials integrated with 7NCu, such as insulation, sheathing, shielding, or terminals? Acrolink's goal is to achieve high performance in various audio spaces. This means the purity of each material other than 7NCu and quality control for homogenization of mixed materials. In an environment where digital and analog equipment coexist, cables are a major source of uncertainty, and their responsibility is significant. The cable body is twisted with a high-density coating of "Acrolink Balance = 0.26φ 19 bare wires" that was derived through extensive prototyping, measurement, and listening, coated with squalane oil, and static electricity is removed by natural silk thread. This core wire is wrapped with PTFE Teflon tape with low dielectric constant, coated with cross-linked polyethylene to create a two-layer structure of two different insulators to eliminate unnecessary vibrations. The shield consists of a double shield layer of copper foil tape and silver-plated soft copper braid, with noise protection in place. The outermost layer is finished with a transparent UV-resistant polyurethane without using pigments. And the "terminals" that determine the total quality. Acrolink has been developing original terminals since its founding.

7N-D5050Leggenda inherits the highly refined 7N-D5050Ⅲ/7N-D5070Ⅲ terminals. For RCA terminals, the center pin is made of high-quality tellurium copper without iron, which is processed by cutting out a hollow structure to increase the surface area and reduce resistance. Long-term reliability is achieved through thick rhodium plating. The cold-side body is made of beryllium copper, carbon fiber, and aluminum hybrid cover, which significantly reduces resonance. For BNC terminals, the contact pin is made of high-grade phosphor bronze with no iron content, and gold-plated finish. The cold-side body is cut from solid brass. The insulator is made of PTFE Teflon. The cover is made of brass, carbon fiber, and aluminum to dampen vibrations and suppress microphonics, ensuring noise protection and high-fidelity transmission. 7N-D5050Leggenda is a coaxial audio cable that achieves ultra-wide-range and impedance setting to 75Ω for gigahertz transmission, making it a highly performing cable for both digital and analog applications. Its high-density, clear reproduction of microscopic sound particles across the entire bandwidth, excellent tonal texture, and powerful reproduction of low-frequency, direct, and indirect sounds on the time axis are further enhanced. It is the latest work that condenses years of know-how and upgrades to advanced materials, and can be considered the "prototype" of coaxial audio cables.

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Cable Materials & Specifications


7N Cu D.U.C.C Stressfree 0.26ø x 19 strands


Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene Teflon tape + Polyethylen


Copper foil tape + sliver plated braided copper wire

Outer sleeve

Anti UV Polyurethane

Conductor resistance

16 mΩ/m

Electrostatic capacitance

68 pF/m


75 Ω

Cable diameter


BNC Connector Specifications

Center contact pin

Gold plated phosphor bronze

Outer connect parts


Outer body

Brass + Aluminum + carbon fiber

RCA connector Specifications

Center contact pin

Hollow shaped Tellurium copper

Outer contact parts

Beryllium copper




Aluminum + Carbon fiber


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