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7N-DA2090 Leggenda


The most revolutionary milestone in the history of acoustics is the birth of digital technology. Compared to analog technology, which directly transmits music signal voltage, digital transmission involves transmitting data in the form of 1s and 0s, with the "waveform" being a rectangular wave standing upright at 90 degrees. From an analog perspective, this is a world of ultra-high frequencies that cannot tolerate ringing. If data is missing, correction or modification is required during analog conversion, and if too much data is missing, it directly leads to deterioration of image and sound quality. Therefore, an ultra-high-precision "standard" is needed as an absolute value, such as "about 6MHz impedance matching". This is almost the first time that analog cables have obtained extremely wide frequency characteristics, bringing unexpected benefits. By extremely magnifying and organizing the crystal directionality, Acrolink's D.U.C.C. Stressfree 7N Cu became the most suitable conductor material. It emits music that sounds like peeling off all layers of veil at once, even outside the audible frequency, it is very accurate, flawless, and linear "music".

The structure of 7N-DA2090 Leggenda adopts a dual-core shielding method. Using D.U.C.C. Stressfree 7N Cu wire, the wire diameter is 0.26φ x 19 strands, which is neatly and densely woven with appropriate tension, continuing Acrolink's classic golden standard. In order to avoid mutual interference and noise, the hot end and cold end use a reverse winding method for signal flow. Polymer materials with low dielectric constants, such as polyethylene and polyolefin, are used for encapsulation. The two core wires are wrapped along a small electrostatic and noise reduction line, and a mixed polyolefin resin containing tungsten and amorphous powder is used for encapsulation, in an extreme way to reduce unnecessary vibration. In addition, a superb four-layer shielding system is constructed using copper foil tape, 7N Cu high-density weaving, NoiseBEATR tape, and beautiful silver weaving, and finally packaged with UV-resistant transparent polyurethane to achieve an outer diameter of 11 millimeters. All impurities are purified to the world's highest level of 7N Cu and the latest material encapsulation and shielding system, which can fully demonstrate the original capabilities of audio equipment, whether digital or analog. The RCA plug uses beryllium copper 50 with the highest conductivity to achieve better sound quality transmission. Overall, 7N-DA2090 Leggenda is one of the highest-end products of the Acrolink brand, which integrates the latest technologies in materials, processes, and design, providing users with the highest quality sound experience.

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Cable Materials & Specifications


7N Cu D.U.C.C Stressfree 0.26ø x 19 strands


Poly Tetra Fluoro Ethylene Teflon tape + Polyethylen


Copper foil tape + sliver plated braided copper wire

Outer sleeve

Anti UV Polyurethane

Conductor resistance

16 mΩ/m

Electrostatic capacitance

68 pF/m


75 Ω

Cable diameter


BNC Connector Specifications

Center contact pin

Gold plated phosphor bronze

Outer conect part


Outer body

Brass + Aluminum + carbon fiber

RCA connector Specifications

Center contact pin

Hollow shaped Tellurium copper

Outer contact parts

Beryllium copper




Aluminum + Carbon fiber


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