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MEXCEL has a single goal: To master new and unprecedented territory for audio cables. Since its appearance in 2004, MEXCEL brought major innovation to the field of audio cables. Mitsubishi Cable Industries, developer of cables for the aerospace and defense industries, teamed up with audio cable specialist ACROLINK for this endeavor. Joint development by those two companies and ESOTERIC has given birth to MEXCEL cables delivering flat transmission characteristics with a wide frequency range going beyond the gigahertz frequency zone. The tremendous information volume carried by gigahertz frequency zone transmission has combined with high-purity 7N Cu (99.99999%) to unleash the potential of audio systems, transcending established concepts for analog and digital transmission cables. Now the fourth generation of MEXCEL cables is here as the result of our quest for a ultimate musical expression. We have now reached a new milestone with products destined to spur a tide of change never before seen in the history of audio cables.

7N-DA6100IV 麥賽爾7N-DA6100IV 麥賽爾7N-DA6100IV 麥賽爾7N-DA6100IV 麥賽爾7N-DA6100IV 麥賽爾

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Cable Materials & Specifications


2.0ø 7N Cu MEXCEL



Outer conductor

7N Cu MEXCEL braided flat angled 0.085mm x 1.26mm x 24 strands

Inner shielding

Copper tape

Outer shielding

Braided silver plated copper wire

Outer sleeve

UV resistant Polyurethane

Conductor resistance

Under 8.0 mΩ/m

Electrostatic capacitance

48 pF/m


75 Ω

Cable diameter

11.0 mm

BNC Connector Specifications

Center contact pin

Phosphor bronze(Hot)

Outer connect parts

Phosphor bronze(Cold)


24K gold for center contact pin. Silver layered rhodium for outer contact parts

Outer body

Brass + Duralumin

RCA connector Specifications

Center contact pin

Beryllium copper(Hot)

Outer contact parts

Phosphor bronze(Cold)


Polished twice before being plated with silver layered rhodium

Outer body

Duralumin + carbon fiber + Aluminum


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