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7N-PC4030 Legenda


Why does the "sound of cables" differ for each one? In the case of Acrolink cables, it is because they are a "collection of originality and expertise."

It can be said that the conductors of pure audio class cables all have extremely high "speed" for transmission. However, it is also a fact that each of them produces different results. This illustrates that it is not just about "speed." Even with the same material, the combination of thickness and number of wires can vary infinitely, from a single wire to several dozen twisted wires. In addition, the element of the material and method of the sheath and shield also come into play, as well as the terminals. Acrolink installs original terminals on all of its products, rather than using pre-made ones. Throughout the development process, repeated listening tests are naturally conducted. Listening to music, for example, what kind of sound is an absolute must-have and must be secured for Beethoven's "sound" in 2020, the 250th anniversary of his birth? Differences in opinions ultimately change the sound as a result.

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Acrolink Original = 7NCu D.U.C.C. Stressfree, with crystal grains reaching an unprecedented height with extreme size and directional alignment. Inheriting the new Acrolink golden ratio of wire diameter and architecture achieved by 7N-PC4030Anniversario to bring out the performance of high-end components. Hot/cold (7NCu) and earth (4NCu) are all single wire with a diameter of 0.37c/)X50. Squalane oil is evenly applied to each individual wire, providing even more powerful realism from the mid to ultra-low frequencies. The pitch of the cello and double bass, which play the melody that was perfected through the exploration of the "Ode to Joy" in Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, is supported with a clear and rich sound. Transparency throughout the entire frequency range is further improved, and the linear spatial expansion of the reverberation component in three dimensions, as well as the resolution and descriptive power at the microscopic level, have evolved significantly.

In the digital era, the noise environment of audio equipment has changed dramatically. The quality and quantity of noise generated by digital circuits, which did not exist in the analog era, require measures that were not needed before. Acrolink has been tackling this issue early on and has positioned the shielding of power cables as the second theme in addition to vibration countermeasures. Electromagnetic wave-absorbing non-magnetic thread and silk thread are installed at the center of the three conductors. A shield layer made of tape (copper foil), which can constitute a "surface" instead of a "net," is installed on the outer circumference of the inner sheath. It completely prevents the intrusion of external noise. The copper foil tape and drain wire are grounded to the plug's earth, establishing an extremely clean power supply to the equipment through the electric field shield effect.

A major feature of Acrolink audio cables is that they consistently use polyolefin-based resin with particularly excellent insulation and vibration properties as the sheath material. Polyolefin-based resin is used as the insulating material for the conductor, which is properly twisted and angled. Furthermore, an intervening layer is made up of a polyolefin material in which a suitable mixing ratio of fine particle tungsten powder and amorphous powder, which were determined by numerous trials, is kneaded and fixed to the conductor for the purpose of blocking its own vibration and external vibration that occurs during transmission. Furthermore, an inner sheath made of polyolefin material blended with a special material with damping effect is formed around the intervening layer. The copper foil shield layer wound around this inner sheath has a double-thick coat of high-quality lead-free PVC to form the outer sheath, achieving even more effective vibration suppression. Its surface remains smooth and has a shiny white pearl finish, symbolizing the dignity of high-end cables.



7N Cu D.U.C.C. Stressfree x 2 (0.37×18 strands)
4N Cu for ground x 2 (0.37x50 strands)

Single Conductor size

5.36 Sq(AWG 10)

Insulation material

High molecular Polyolefin Resin (Black & White & Green)

1st Inner sleeve

High molecular Polyolefin + tungsten + amorphous + carbon powder

2nd Inner sleeve

Polyolefin with Resonance control powder


Copper foil with drain wire

Outer sleeve

Lead free Polyvinyl Chloride

Conductor resistance


Cable diameter


Power plug & IEC connector

Contact parts

Beryllium copper


Silver layered rhodium(Polished before plating)


Poly Butylene Terephtalate with glass fiber

Outer case



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