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The high-purity copper audio cable developed by Acrolink is now known as a "legend".

It has a propagation speed of several circles around the earth per second, and many audio experts have recognized its difference in sound quality. Over 30 years ago, Acrolink had already demonstrated a significant difference in improving purity, and since then, they have been a leader in using high-purity copper (7N) as their entry-level model. With the establishment of measurement technology and the visualization of conductor crystal state, factors such as purity and grain size that cannot be explained by differences in sound quality have been scientifically explained as "directionality", and an optimized directional production process has been constructed. The "scientific" exploration of sound quality differences has steadily achieved results, with D.U.C.C being one of the major achievements.

Acrolink's unique flawless pressure processing technology is applied to the new product 7N-S1000 Leggenda, which is a parallel high-quality audio cable that uses the best conductor available. The internal copper foil strip is superior to mesh material and can completely eliminate noise interference. A total of 0.37ø 18 core wires were used, and the manufacturing process utilized techniques such as the angle and tension during twisting, and natural silk wire was used on the conductor to eliminate its own noise and mutual interference. The structural design is also perfect, achieving excellent shielding against AC interference. The electrostatic capacity is very small, and two conductive damping materials are used, with the central material being an electromagnetic wave-absorbing non-magnetic line covering between the core wires. The outer layer material uses Acrolink's rich experience and uses high-polymer polyolefin resin as the insulation material. The advantage of the parallel design is its broad bandwidth and fast transmission speed, achieving a true sense of presence and a noise-free sound quality. The true value of high-resolution audio today lies in the precise digitization of audio within the audible frequency range. Therefore, as the final step in transmitting the output of a power amplifier to a speaker, the transmission characteristics of the audio cable must be accelerated. After 30 years of stacking, Acrolink's audio cable does not change its sound, and its structure is simple and profound. This is the birth of a new "legendary" audio cable.

Per meter

Cable materials & Specifications

Outer diameter

7.7 × 19mm

Single Conductor

7N D.U.C.C Stressfree 0.37ø × 18 Strands(2 cores)

Single Conductor size

1.93 Sq(AWG 14)

Insulation material

High molecular Polyolefin Resin(Red & White)

Resonance control core

Conductive resonance control material
(EMS absorbing non-magnetism thread inside)

Inner sleeve

High molecular Polyolefin Resin


Copper tape

Outer sleeve

Lead free Polyvinyl Chloride(Pearl white finish)

Conductor resistance

7.5 mΩ/m

Electrostatic capacitance

11 pF/m


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