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Acrolink already has a product that is referred to as a "legend" without dispute, and that is the 6N-S1010 and 6N-S1010II. The 6N-S1010 series has achieved a shipping record of over 600,000 km worldwide, which is equivalent to about 15 times the circumference of the Earth, and has been supported by audio enthusiasts around the world.

Furthermore, the S1010 has achieved a high purity of 7N, and is currently continuing to break that record. This is the result of the Japanese precision manufacturing spirit. The 6NCu and 7NCu are produced and shipped at an industrial level, not just in the laboratory, and this is something that only Japan can produce. The theme is the directionality of crystal grains, which has a significant impact on sound quality during signal transmission. The analysis method that shines X-rays and observes their diffraction intensity was developed to solve this problem. Based on this new observation method, they successfully aligned as many crystals as possible in the direction most suitable for audio signal transmission, and established the optimal processing and heat treatment process.

The Leggenda series, which is now beginning, evolved its architecture design and opened up new frontiers in music reproduction. The new product, 7N-S1010 Leggenda, has significantly improved the transmission characteristics of each wire by making the bare wire thicker at 0.37 mm per wire. Of course, it is stress-free, and each wire has a right twist and a left twist for the hot and cold sides, respectively, with silk threads wrapped along with a polyolefin coating as the core wire. Between these core wires, they are twisted together while running non-magnetic threads that absorb electromagnetic waves. Alternatively, they inherited the know-how accumulated by Acrolink to avoid noise from the outside by winding copper foil tape around the periphery of an intermediate layer that has been kneaded with tungsten and amorphous to enhance the damping effect. It advances towards a more pure, information-rich, and delicate sound world that is truly different from the sense of extra sound color. By minimizing the noise level, the true image of music emerges relatively. The expressive power, speed, and sense of quantity of the overtones extending below the low-pitched instruments, as well as the vivid physical sensation and sense of fulfillment of the real vibration of instruments that cross genres, are visible as if they are tangible. The global standard will be inherited by the new 7N-S1010 Leggenda.

Per meter

Cable materials & Specifications

Outer diameter


Single Conductor

7N D.U.C.C Stressfree 0.37ø × 18 Strands(2 cores)

Single Conductor size

1.93 Sq(AWG 14)

Insulation material

High molecular Polyolefin Resin(Red & White)

Resonance control core

Conductive resonance control material
(EMS absorbing non-magnetism thread inside)

Inner sleeve

Polyolefin with Reasonance control powder
+ Tungsten + Amorphous


Copper tape

Outer sleeve

Lead free Polyvinyl Chloride

Conductor resistance

7.5 mΩ/m

Electrostatic capacitance

78 pF/m


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