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The seats in the concert hall are classified into S and A. The difference is remarkable when the seats next to each other are a little, but 10 seats away. It means that there is a difference of 1/10 each. Deepening audio is similar. Acrolink has also accumulated achievements and know-how step by step. It has achieved numerous “firsts in history” and has continued to be the global standard and reference cable for cables. When aiming for good sound and good music with audio, it is a very personal journey of thought. Even with the recent appearance of high-resolution sources, is the arrangement, height, left and right speakers vertical, and the angles are the same rather than changing amplifiers and speakers? A vast music space appears in the listening room only after such work. The decisive factor at that time is the cable. The unparalleled purity of copper is inevitable. Select the thickness and number of wires, their composition, the material and thickness of the sheath, the design of the shield, etc. for sound, and finish it as the best audio cable by repeating the audition. It’s already been over 30 years. But I never get tired of it. The ultimate sound sways like the driving groove of an Italian high-end sports car, giving you a sense of depth and deep tone reproduction of German lenses. Above all, it conveys passion and transmits every detail of music as a supreme tool that runs through space-time. New work “Legenda” (legend). It is the culmination of the know-how that we have cultivated so far, and the whole speaker cable was born with an eye on the “beyond” of perfect reproduction of high-resolution digital sound.

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Mainstay technology of ACROLINK - Stress-Free

Stress-free processing of raw materials is another remarkable feature along with the use of 6N raw material, and the mainstay technology of ACROLINK brand products.
Although the raw materials have improved purity, enlarged crystals and extremely stable atomic arrangement external stress cannot be avoided at many stages of processing due to bending, etc. Disorder in the atomic arrangement called a “deformation defect” may occur during the process. The raw material is generally annealed to accelerate crystalline growth to restore the original large crystalline structure during the wire drawing process, but when the finished wire is being wound on reels for distribution or being wired, a problem arises due to some external stresses loaded on wire.

The ACROLINK's stress-free products are the only cables in the world which, through a unique annealing process, have high purity copper characteristics with a crystalline structure that is restored to its original stable crystalline structure through a self-annealing phenomenon, except when the external stress is extremely severe. Transformation of atomic arrangement occurs when the wire heated after the wire drawing process is reduced to only one billionth of that of 4N copper and the number of crystals is also reduced to 1/80 to 1/100. Loading wire with electric current accelerates aging or self-annealing function, and reduces residual deformation to restore the original stable crystalline structure making the wire able to transmit wide-range frequencies with ultrahigh fidelity.

7N D.U.C.C.® (Dia Ultra Crystallized Copper)

D.U.C.C stands for Dia Ultra Crystallized Copper which is specifically developed copper wire for high-end audio cables. D.U.C.C has controlled crystal structure and the minimized transmission loss.

Patent technology and registered trade mark of Mitsubishi Materials LTD.




Signal Conductor

7N Cu D.U.C.C Stressfree 0.37mm×50strands×2cores

Signal Conductor size

5.36 Sq (AWG 10)

Insulation material

Polyethylene resin with PTFE Teflon tape (Red & White)

First sleeve

Polyolefin with Resonance control powder + Tungsten + Amorphous


Noise beat tape + copper tape

Second sleeve

High molecular Polyolefin Resin

Final shielding

Polyurethane enameled braided wire (Red & black)

Outer sleeve

UV resistance Urethane resin

Conductor resistance




Banana Plug


Beryllium 50 copper


Silver layered rhodium plating

Outer body material


Spade Lug


6N Cu copper


Silver layered rhodium plating

Outer body material



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