A&ultima SP2000T Case


The leather case for the SP2000T was made from a process called “Full Vegetable Tanning”.This traditional method has been used in Italy for over 200 years.The process brings out the special characteristic of leather while creating a natural tanning look.
A variety of trees and plants are involved in this tanning process which takes about 40 days to complete and only the most experienced professionals in Italy possess the skills to do it.

Badalassi Carlo was made by Professor Carlo Badalassi, who is known for his excellent skills with leather.Unlike modern methods, he uses a traditional method of making leather that requires extensive time and devotion.His reputation is well-known among top expensive brands due to his focus on the leather quality over quantity.

This special leather material has a lot of oil in it that will allow the leather to shine the more it is used. Many tests and trials have been done with the creation of the leather case in order to highlight the unique design of the SP2000T

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