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【 Back to the Basics of Tuning 】- final A3000

Final Audio has been developing their products with the mission of "Pursuing what is right.", where they have seek different possibilities on product development, trying their very best to achieve the best standard among sound and tuning qualities. From LAB Series to the flagship model A8000 introduced last year, Final Audio has been creating earphones and products with the utmost craftmanship and audio techniques.

In 2021, Final Audio has returned to the basics of music. With the brand new customized 'f-Core DU' Dynamic Driver, Final Audio proudly introduced their new model in A Series - The A3000. 

A3000 has an ultra-wide soundstage. With the tuning approach on the mids and lows, A3000 has created a natural and warm tuning style, where the illustrations of intruments could be clearly outlined in the background of each songs. Vocal has a laid back position from A3000, leading to a lively atmosphere with rich emotions and details.

A3000 natural tuning style has made it perform phenomenally for music genres like acoustics and rock.


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Customized 'f-Core DU' Dynamic Driver

To create the best and the most natural sound qualities, Final Audio has developed and whole new dynamic drivers called 'f-Core DU'. Every detail and part has been developed and designed by the tuning engineers from Final Audio to achieve the best sound performance. 'f-Core DU' has used brass in manufacturing the housing of the drivers, which can significantly minimize the effect of magnetic force on the driver in use. To avoid inconsistency in the production of drivers, Final Audio has adapted a finer manufacturing method with the amount of only one-third of normal production. Such differences have successfully created the natural sound with high authenticity and quality.

Three-Pointed Design

Comfortableness is one of the most concerned factor that could affect the whole experience of using the product. Final Audio has applied their 'Three-Pointed Design' on A3000 out-shape, where it could help diversifying stress equally on the earpiece, Tragus and cavity of the concha, the ergonomic design has provided the most comfortable and superior feeling while using.

Perceptual Transparency Measurement (PTM)

Final Audio has developed and scientific and objective tuning methodology to achieve best performance. Such methodology has been applied on the previous flagship model A8000 with great success, where it is believed PTM could bring decisive effect to the sound quality of IEMs.

2Pin OFC Cable

A3000 comes with a 2Pin Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) cable using the most common φ0.78 specification, allowing users to match other IEM upgrade cables for the best and the most suiting tuning. Final Audio has chosen a comparatively softer material on the outer layer of the cable, leading to a comfortable experience and minimizing any noise from Stethoscope Effect.

High Quality Accessories

A3000 comes with a handful of accessories that match the needs of all users, including Final's well known Type E Earpiece in different sizes and the new Type B Ear Hook. Type B Ear Hook is made of soft and durable silicon, providing comfortable experience to users and minimizing noise created under the Stethoscope Effect.

Final A3000


Final A3000


Final f-Core DU 6mmΦ Dynamic Driver






2Pin OFC Cable (Interchangeable Design)

Length of Cable


Shell Material:





Type E Earpieces (SS/S/M/L/LL), Type B Ear Hook, Silicon Case


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