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A5000 In-Ear Monitors


The A5000 is equipped with the f-Core DU driver, which was developed and designed entirely in-house, including parts as well as production equipment. The sound quality was designed based on final's unique evaluation method established during the development of the flagship earphone A8000. In addition to the so-called "transparent sound" that allows you to clearly hear sounds that are localized at a distance, you can hear even the finer sounds in the mid-low range, giving each sound a sense of depth. I can. In addition, a newly designed 2-Pin soft silver-coated cable developed for the A5000 is standard equipment. The braided cable makes it easy to handle, and you can feel the A5000's sound even more clearly.

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In-house developed driver unit

From driver parts such as the diaphragm, voice coil, magnet, magnetic circuit, and adhesives to production equipment, we have newly designed the 6mmφ dynamic driver unit "f-Core DU" for the A5000. The material of the driver front housing is brass, which is less affected by magnetic force and has a higher specific gravity than general aluminum. In order to improve the time response performance of the diaphragm, the voice coil uses 30μ ultra-fine CCAW and is assembled with a minimum amount of adhesive to thoroughly reduce the weight of the moving parts. Furthermore, by carefully pressing the diaphragm in a small lot, about 1/3 of the normal amount, we minimized the unevenness of the pressure and realized a uniform diaphragm without distortion.

Newly designed 2-Pin soft silver coated cable

The attached cable is a newly designed product newly developed for the A5000. 8-core silver-coated OFC wire is woven into it, making it soft and easy to handle. The 2-Pin connector is a high-precision product developed in-house and uses the φ0.78 standard, which is considered to be the most versatile.

A feeling of wearing that seemed to be customized

The A5000 is based on the optimal housing design for IEMs established in the development of the B series, and achieves an even better fit. Whether or not the earphones are comfortable to wear is determined by the feeling of pressure. At first glance, the method of holding with the repulsive force of silicon, such as selecting an organic shape that promotes ergonomics, seems correct, but it always puts force on the ears, and before you realize it, it puts a strain on the ears and accumulates fatigue. To do. Compared to the shape that touches the ear with an organic large surface, the shape that limits the contact area aims for a feeling of wearing that does not feel oppressive. The A5000 housing is held at three points for a stable fit. There will be 1 point in the pink part (ear pocket) in the figure below, 1 point in the green part (earpiece), and 1 point in the blue part (tragus) for a total of 3 points. Therefore, it fits most people's ears. If there is no pressure at all points of contact, you will feel that the earphones are so comfortable to wear.

Results of a new sound quality evaluation method

The development of the A series started with the establishment of a new evaluation method based on the analysis of the relationship between sound quality and physical characteristics, and the result was the A8000. We listen to music recorded in different qualities and at different volumes. However, in conventional evaluation methods, subjective evaluation is generally performed under fixed conditions such as the sound pressure that presents the sound, making it difficult to judge good sound based on actual product listening. The A5000 uses a new evaluation method for sound creation that matches actual music listening situations.

final A5000


Final f-Core DU 6mmΦ Dynamic Driver



Shell Material:



8-core silver-coated OFC





cord length


Frequency Response



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