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AB1266™ Phi TC


A brand new generation of  ABYSS planar speakers, these latest drivers offer unprecedented levels of clarity and resolution to sound, without the typical brightness or harshness. Imagine sitting with the band, hearing what they hear, surreal is the best way to describe this new AB1266 Phi TC.

Newly designed 66 mm planar magnetic speaker drivers deliver the highest resolution of any headphone ever made. Combined with the venerable AB1266 headphone design, newly minted all aluminum frame and posh ear pads means you’ll never have to buy another concert ticket.

New Ceramic Coated Headphones - Style, Comfort and High Fidelity

This latest Ceramic Coated version sports a high-tech, durable two-tone polymer ceramic coating on the all metal frame along with newly designed ear pads for greater comfort and improved sound quality.

Impressive Sound Quality - Bringing Music to Life

Musical information is clearly defined, harmony can easily be heard as individual singers within the group, instrument separation is crazy good, bass drums have the rolling of their skins, ‘bass within bass' as we call it. In essence it transports you back to that time and place.

AB1266 Phi TC - Unparalleled Sound Quality

AB1266 Phi TC refines the sonic virtues of our finest headphone with excellent transparency to the source, and hard hitting low frequency impact and resolution. The sound of these headphones easily compares to and in many areas exceed the finest two channel audiophile systems money can buy. More importantly, this venerable will preserve in history one of the finest headphones ever produced.



Patented proprietary planar magnetic- Open back design


50 ohm nominal



Frequency Response:

5 Hz - 30 KHz


88 dB/mW


Less than 0.2%, average 0.035% through most of the audible range


640 grams

Made in New York

Standard Package

1) AB1266 Phi TC Headphone

2) Balanced 8 FT (2.5 meter) 4 pin XLR cable, with flexible 1/4" (6.3 mm) adaptor.

All cables are high performance custom made by JPS Labs for Abyss.

3) Velvet bag with embroidered ABYSS logo.

Complete Package

1) AB1266 Phi TC Headphone

2) Upgraded JPS Labs Superconductor HP balanced (2.5 m) 4 pin XLR & 6.3mm Superconductor HP flexible adaptor

All cables are high performance custom made by JPS Labs for Abyss.

3) Heavy leather man bag style carry case

Made in California, USA
w/ extra room and pockets for an iPad, portable amp or player


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