AK Acro S1000


Astell&Kern has been renowned for their DAP series since launching the very first unit 5 years ago. To further expand into the desktop audio market, Astell&Kern has launched their desktop DAC/Headphone amplifier, Acro L1000 in Dec 2017. Now the Acro S1000 speaker is also ready to complete the series of desktop audio entertainment.

**For current owner of Acro L1000 who wanted to further purchase the Acro S1000 speaker, you can enjoy a special upgrade offer of $6834 (please contact our CS for registration, and applicable to customer who purchased the L1000 unit with ECT's authorized dealers only)

**Complimentary QED XT40 2m cable (SRP: $1510) will be offered to both upgrade and bundle set buyers, offer valid while gift last

A 2-Way speaker system complete with hand-built Danish ScanSpeak driver units
This 2-way speaker system uses precise, hand-built driver units made by the highest standards of ScanSpeak and its 40+ years of proven excellence. The S1000 will open up your sound stage.
The S1000 tweeters use Ring Radiator technology, an exclusive technology of ScanSpeak. It’s a non-dome-shaped soft diaphragm with a phase plug at its center and a large-scale roll. The phase plug prevents distortions from high-frequency collision and the Ring Radiator structure provides a high level of stability and high frequency band scalability. In result, you will hear more natural and clear sound.
As the pair of tweeters ensure high-frequency perfection, main drivers provide an effective midrange and bass from its full-range driver units. Thanks to a powerful neodymium ring motor on the driver units, it delivers a distortion-free, natural, and high-resolution audio experience.
Aluminum alloy enclosure for minimal resonance
Conventional speaker builds experience a struggle between the diaphragm of the driver unit and its enclosure. In order to get optimal performance, the faster a speaker diaphragm vibrates, a sturdier enclosure is required. Lighter weight enclosures can support the movement of a diaphragm, but sacrifice the acoustic performance due to the vibrations experienced, detracting from sound quality. The ACRO S1000 uses a sturdy aluminum alloy metal enclosure to withstand the fast vibrations of its diaphragm. The aluminum alloy minimizes noise and undesirable vibrations, leaving nothing but the air movements captured in your music. The S1000 enclosure not only provides acoustic benefits, but it completes the aesthetically pleasing design.
Bass reflex design for energetic bass
​The ACRO S1000 adopted the bass reflex design to deliver deep, rich bass appreciated by music lovers everywhere. The bass reflex design of ACRO S1000 increases the efficiency of low frequencies by using the resonance characteristics of sound emitted from the unit’s back panel for the ultimate bass reproduction. The rear duct of the ACRO S1000 creates a passage for bass reproduction, which reinforces it for deeper, richer tones.



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