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AK T5p


Astell&Kern AK T5p / Beyerdynamic - AK Special Edition

AK T5p is collaboration between Beyerdynamic, a High-end Audio maker that has introduced excellent audio products since 1924, and Astell&Kern;, the world’s best portable audio brand.

Astell & Kern’s first headphone - AK T5p offers an amazing experience to those who seek the ultimate sound quality in a portable device.

Perfect sound tuning optimized for Astell&Kern;
The AK T5p is based on the T5p, which is Beyerdynamic’s first high-end portable headphone, it is highly rated among audio equipment enthusiasts around the world. The AK T5p is tuned to amplify the sound of Astell&Kern; to create rich low-pitched tones and clear high notes for a truly unique listening experience.
Balanced Headphone Cable designed exclusively for Astell&Kern;
The 2.5mm balanced terminal for Astell&Kern;, which supports full-balanced output, produces new sounds that the previous T5p version could not. Moreover, the 2.5mm-to-3.5mm interconnector is provided for use with the first generation Astell&Kern; players
AK T5p Special EQ
A custom EQ has been added to the AK100 Ⅱ, AK120 Ⅱ and AK240 to empower the AK T5p to deliver delicate distinctive timbre for the ultimate sound quality that Astell&Kern; pursues that cannot be accomplished alone. With AK T5p EQ, the best portable system sound experience is ensured.
Handmade in Germany
Each and every AK T5p with Tesla technology applied is hand-crafted in the German Beyerdynamic factory, which has a rich 90-year history of audio system production. High quality velour earpads and the finest grade sheepskin leather headband offer exceptional comfort when wearing for extended listening periods.


Transducer type


Operating principle


Frequency response

5 - 50,000 Hz


32 Ω

Nominal sound pressure level

102 dB

Sound Coupling to the ear


Power handling capacity


Max. sound pressure level

126 dB

Weight without cable

approx. 350g


1.2m / double-sided straight cable


2.5mm AK balance plug


2.5mm to 3.5mm interconnector,1/4” adapter(3.5mm to 6.35mm),
3m extension cable (3.5mm to 3.5mm)


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