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Astell&Kern is proud to announce the all-new AK T9iE.
The AK T9iE is the third in-ear collaboration product by beyerdynamic and Astell&Kern.
Specially tuned for Astell&Kern portable music players, the AK T9iE has an extremely neutral sound signature with soft treble,
linear midrange and slightly elevated bass.

The AK T9iE uses beyerdynamic's patented high-efficiency Tesla Technology and is manufactured by hand in Germany,
satisfying the highest standards.

Internal Structure
Tesla Technology, Further Refined
Design Concept
AK T9iE is a new ultra-compact IEM optimized with both: the technologies of beyerdynamic and the design identity of Astell&Kern. The design of AK T9iE highlights the "Contrast of Surfaces" and shows the delicacy and details of Astell&Kern with jewel-like carved planes on the exterior housing. The illumination from the PVD coating will reveal different reflections of light so that you see various shapes depending on the viewpoint. It also has an ergonomic design that makes them comfortable to wear for many hours of music listening.
New acoustic vent port
The newly designed acoustic vent port has a slightly enlarged vent hole that is located in the middle of the cover plate which allows for a very deep bass that is extremely well controlled.
Two-layer acoustic filter
A specially engineered two-layer acoustic filter is utilized in the sound outlet, different from the AK T8iE MkⅡ, and serves two purposes - protection from earwax and an acoustic filter element which produces very pure and neutral treble.
4N pure silver and 7N OCC copper hybrid 2.5mm 4-pole cable
The same cable used for AK T5p 2nd Generation has been utilized for AK T9iE. It's made with 4N pure silver with silver plated 7N OCC to deliver the high in this combination; and the 7N OCC to bring the low. This hybrid construction of pure silver, silver OCC and OCC litz creates a unique harmony. No more sharp highs or too much bass: bring perfect balance to your music with this unique cable.
Handmade in Germany
Designed by Astell&Kern, Tuned for Astell&Kern by beyerdynamic, Handmade in Germany


Transducer type

Dynamic, moving-coil

Operation principle


Frequency response



16 ohm

Total harmonic distorsion


Power handling capacity



4N pure silver and 7N Copper hybrid 2.5mm 4-pole cable, 2.5mm to 3.5mm interconnector included


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