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The Artha features 8 balanced armature drivers and a quad-crossover design, Artha also introduces a two-stage tuning switch for the first time, providing four unique tuning styles for the earphones. This showcases the versatility and adaptability between different musical genres.

Custom Price: Starting at $12,980

Ordering Procedure:

1. Please fill in the form and confirm your payment.

2. Order ear molds at hearing centre:

Ear Impression will be included for orders of Redeemer, AXL and Alas V3. Customers are required to get the impressions at our appointed hearing centre and the order card must be presented.

Ear impression is not included for models such as Aiden, Aisha/Aisha Pro and Aim Pro; customers are required to pay an additional HK$ 380 for ear impression fee or to provide ECT with their ear impressions  

ECT will collect the ear impressions at our appointed hearing center. Customers are required to deliver their impressions from hearing centers which are not appointed by ECT.

3.  Standard manufacturing process takes around 5 - 7 weeks, depending on the situation.

Rush order service is available, it takes around 1 week and the service charge is HK$ 800

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Easy to Drive, Flagship IEM

"ARTHA selected eight dynamic iron units and arranged them in a 2-2-2-2 configuration to form a four-way frequency division structure of super bass, bass, midrange, and super high frequency, achieving delicate sound performance. In terms of technical specifications, it also performed well with 16 ohm impedance, 118dB sensitivity. Overall balanced and easy to match, it can also achieve the performance that a flagship should have on general equipment."

FlipEars exclusive design

The design inspiration of Artha comes from the stained glass in churches. The Ocean Mosaic panel used in the headphones is handcrafted with mother of pearl shells inlaid on the panel housing. The sea mosaic composed of them can show various colorful appearances according to angles and light. Each unique piece highlights the luxury of handcrafted products. The brand specially uses 3D-printed medical-grade acrylic housing, and the skin-friendly material can effectively reduce ear canal allergy.

Four-stage customizable tuning

Like the design of the headphone type, Artha's tuning orientation is flexible and adaptable, able to demonstrate the plasticity of the sound in the tune. Artha has two adjustable switches on the side to provide four unique tuning styles for the headphones."

Balanced mode
Artha's default tuning orientation is balanced and highly coherent across three frequencies. The vocal is slightly forward with a sense of harmonic distance. The vocal tends to be mellow with a sweet aftertaste. Whether the singer is male or female, it can bring out the vocal outline of the performer.

Bass mode
Turning on the first switch will activate Artha's bass enhancement mode. As the name suggests, it is especially suitable for users who like bass. The bass has both power and delicacy, immersing in the bass region. It is particularly applicable for Hip Hop and EDM music types.

Treble mode
Some types of music may require particularly wide sound effects. Turn on the second switch, which not only makes the treble extend and richer in delicacy, but also significantly improves the sound stereosity and separation, just like an orchestra or live recording, making various microdynamics easier to display in front of you.

Turbo mode
Is your gentle music form not your cup of tea? Try Artha's Turbo mode and enjoy an extremely immersive musical performance. Feel the passion that music brings you in your leisurely commute. Experience the weight of each note and lead into a whole new musical world."



8 BA (2 Sub Bass/ 2 Low / 2Mid / 2 High)


118dB @ 1mW


16ohms @ 1kHz

Frequency Response:

5Hz – 25kHz


8 Core Silver-plated Copper Cable


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