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The creation inspiration of Azrael comes from the archangel Azrael, known as the "Angel of Death" in Genesis, who is also called the "Angel of Death". In ancient literature and art, Azrael is often depicted as an angel with a sword in his left hand, holding the Book of Life in his right hand and wearing a black hood, to record the beginning and end of every life. Eletech incorporates the gentle, solemn yet kind characteristics of the "Angel of Death" itself into Azrael.

As a new generation of works in the Virtues series, Azrael (Dark Angel) not only inherits the high analytical power and warm natural sound characteristics of the previous generation Fortitude, but also improves the ultra-high purity single crystal copper conductor structure with a new wire diameter of 25.5AWG. Single crystal copper wire contains less impurities and oxygen than ordinary copper wire, and can better transmit signals, making the sound image more distinct and the level of detail richer.

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Ultra-high purity OCC copper conductor structure

Azrael adopts a newly developed polyester nanomaterial as the insulation sheath composite filler for the wires. This material is lighter, thinner and tougher than ordinary polyester, which effectively reduces the unit impedance and capacitance ratio of the wires and provides more accurate signal transmission. It enhances the performance in the low frequency range. Compared with the previous generation, Azrael has been greatly improved in low frequency extensibility and control. The low frequency sounds tighter and more powerful.

Gentle and charming, flexible and versatile

Azrael retains the natural, warm and pure sound characteristics of the previous generation Fortitude. Compared with the previous generation, the sound image is clearer and the level of detail is richer. At the same time, it has a warm and delicate vocal performance. Especially when listening to songs by female voices, you can feel the sweet and rounded unique voice lines. Overall, it has a stronger sense of music while retaining a warm, smooth and unique charm. Azrael's balanced sound characteristics in three frequencies also have good effects when paired with dynamic iron or ring iron headphones.



4 Wires

Ultra High Purity OCC Copper

7 Interior Core Litz

Kevlar Resilient Core

Cryogenically Treated

Eletech Customised connectors and Y-split

Individually Enamelled strands

FlexiMax Insulation™

Multi-Sized Stranding Design

- 聲峯耳機專門店/Apex Headphone (旺角星際城市)
- Broadway百老滙(旺角西洋菜南街)
- Jaben Hong Kong (旺角榮華大樓)
- Let's Go Audio (灣仔電腦城)
- Mongkok Station Limited - 旺角站 (旺角信和中心)
- NP Mall HK (荔枝角)
- RIGHT SHOP AUDIO (旺角信和中心&灣仔電腦城)
- 英京 SK-HK.com (銅鑼灣利園山道 & 旺角友誠商業中心)
- Master Studio(荃灣荃豐中心)
- Music Movie Driver(澳門連勝馬路165B號)


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