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B3 is delivering comfortable and clear sound with tight bass. With its high-resolution output across the whole frequency range and vivid highs as its strength, the music becomes enjoyable as soft sounds such as accompaniment of piano and picking of guitar becomes distinct and clear. 

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MIM (Metal Injection Molding)

MIM is a method of mixing fine metal powder and binder, molding with a mold like resin, sintering at high temperature, and adjusting the shape. Similar to molded articles of resin, the high flexibility, and it is possible to internally design complex shapes while being metal.

MMCX connector + OFC Silver Coated Cable

MMCX plug parts and 3.5 mm mini-plug parts that are prone to breakage, those that normally pass about 5,000 flex tests are designed to withstand over 50,000 flex tests.

Sound Design

The B3 is a model that emphasizes the sense of resolution. It is suitable for those who want to listen to the delicate sound of the instrument even if the sound source has a live feeling, and those who want to listen to it somewhat gorgeously, and those who want to enjoy the tightness of anison and EDM vocals.

Sensation of a customized

A stable sensation of fit is achieved by contact with three parts of the ear. As illustrated in the below diagram, the pink areas comprise one point of contact (ear pocket), the green areas comprise on point of contact (earpiece) and a blue area (tragus) comprises the third point of contact. Compared to a shape that comes in contact with an organically large area of the ear, the limited contact area of this shape conforms to the ears of many users. Elasticity of silicone, etc. is not employed. There is no oppressive force on any of the points of contact in the ear, and this gives the earphone a sense of conforming fit. Suffice to say that this provides the superior sensation of fit worthy of a customized earphone.

Silicon carry case

The earphones are softly secured between thin dome-shaped silicon and the lid. The cable is wound around the circumference of the case, while the plug is stored in a separate space to the earphones on the bottom of the case.

Ear hook

With similar existing products, it was assumed that they would be fitted to ears of differing sizes; not only were they large in size, their appearance was rather too distinct, and it took a lot to get accustomed to fitting them. Having considered what the key to fitting the ear hooks was, we discovered a form that was smaller than existing ear hooks, that didn’t utilize metal or resin wires and fits the ears of more people. Made of soft silicon, they make for a comfortable fit.

E Type earpiece

The earphone earpieces come in two types for you to choose from – silicon and foam. It is possible to achieve what could be termed a perfect fit, irrespective of the size of the wearer's auditory canal. There is a close relationship between the airtight level of the product, bass tones and sound insulation; depending on the earpieces chosen, it is possible to considerably change the bass volume and sound insulation. In particular, the foam type earpieces have sound insulation properties close to noise cancelling types.


Driver 1

BA Fullrange

Driver 2

BA Tweeter

Shield Material

Stainless Steel

Shield Finishing

Silver Frost Ion Plating

Sensitivity (dB/mW)


Impedance (Ω)


Earphone Socket

Custom Made Brass MMCX


C106 OFC Silver Coated Cable


Silicone Case
E Type Earpiece
Silicone Sheet


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