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Baroque Eartips for TWS


Eletech’s latest TWS Eartips are inspired by the beloved “Baroque” Luxury IEM series, transforming portable audio luxury through intricate Baroque design. Meticulously researched and crafted for True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds users, these eartips focus on enhancing audio experience with TWS-specific ergonomics, ensuring top-notch performance and immersive audio.
Drawing on the technological advancements of the Baroque IEM eartips, the TWS eartips feature innovations such as Flexion™ and advanced Satine+™ material technology, among other enhancements, to elevate the user experience. Specifically designed to enhance sound quality, comfort, and functionality, these eartips offer improved acoustic performance, delivering a truly immersive audio experience for TWS users.

【Eletech Baroque TWS Dealer】
- 聲峯耳機專門店/Apex Headphone (旺角星際城市)
- iDeal Shop hk (旺角百寶利商業中心)
- Five1Store (旺角星際城市)
- Fortress 豐澤 Techlife (沙田新城市,銅鑼灣時代廣場店)
- Jaben Hong Kong (旺角榮華大樓)
- KT Cool (觀塘廣場)
- Let's Go Audio (灣仔電腦城)
- Master Studio (荃豐中心)
- Mongkok Station Limited - 旺角站 (旺角信和中心)
- Music Movie Driver (澳門)
- NP Mall HK (荔枝角)
- 新八佰伴 (澳門)
- Sunion Hong Kong
- 英京 SK-HK.com (旺角友誠商業中心&利園山道)
- 2000 fun
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In the realm of TWS accessories, Eletech has expertly fused high-quality materials and
precise craftsmanship to create an unparalleled auditory experience. Crafted from a
distinctive blend of premium, medical-grade silicone, these eartips achieve a delicate
balance between comfort, durability, and exceptional sound fidelity. Every intricate detail
has been meticulously refined through a steadfast commitment to excellence, culminating
in eartips that deliver unmatched performance and audio quality for TWS users.


The 'Baroque' Series is centered around unparalleled comfort. Meticulously tested and refined,
numerous samples were crafted and evaluated for their ergonomic design, ensuring a fit like no
other. Every curve and contour effortlessly conforms to the ear's delicate shape, enabling extended listening sessions without compromising comfort. This meticulous approach guarantees that these eartips enhance both comfort and audio performance for TWS users.

PureShield™ Antimicrobial Protection

Introducing PureShield™ technology, where the 'Baroque' eartips for TWS are finished off with
hypoallergenic antimicrobial properties, creating a protective coating that inhibits the growth of bacteria.
This innovative technology not only ensures a cleaner listening experience but also provides lasting protection against discoloration, loss of tensile strength, and cracking, even after extensive and prolonged use.

Eletech 's Advanced Material Tech SATINÉ+™

SATINÉ+™, a proprietary innovative material tech specially developed by Eletech, utilizes nano wavy lines, offering a significant tactile enhancement for eartips, focusing on both comfort and touch. Through this technology, ‘SATINÉ+™’ achieves a smooth and satin-like texture, transforming the wearing experience.

Eletech Proprietary Acoustics Design - Flexion™

Inspired by origami, ‘Flexion™’ is seamlessly integrated into the Baroque collection. ‘Flexion™’ promises a new level of ergonomics and adaptability to ensure a comfortable and customized fit. Beyond its ergonomic benefits, ‘Flexion™’ plays a pivotal role in reducing unwanted vibrations. By strategically controlling and dispersing vibrations, ‘Flexion’ minimizes resonance and distortion, resulting in a cleaner and more accurate audio reproduction.

Taking cues from the principles of origami, ‘Flexion’ allows the eartips to flex and conform to the unique contours of the ear, providing a secure and personalized seal for optimal noise isolation.

Three sizes available

To accommodate different users' ear canals, Baroque offers three sizes of ear tips to suit different needs.


S Size:11.2 x 7.6 mm

M Size:12.5 x 7.6 mm

L Size:13.9 x 7.6 mm


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