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Continental Dual Mono


Built to be Epic!

When we started working on our newest generation Continental wanted to do something amazing. We examined each element of the amplifier - 6111 tubes, Wolfson DAC, Power Supply, Volume Potentiometer, Battery, Capacitors - to find the best sounding component. As we put them all together we ended up with The Continental Dual Mono.

"CDM is awesome. CDM is beautiful. CDM puts the Continental Line back on top. Way to go ALO Audio." - Headphonia, 2015

"...驚くほど豊かで厚みのある音です。" - Music to Go, 2015

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Balanced Upgrade: 2.5mm balanced input and output.
The Continental Dual Mono has 2.5mm balanced input and output. This allows the CDM to be an upgrade for anyone who owns a player that has a balanced output. Now you can keep the sound of the DAC from the player, and enjoy a fully balanced tube experience.
The Touch of Tubes
At the center of The Continental Dual Mono are a pair of New-Old Stock 6111 Vacuum Tubes. Each tube is individually soldered to a custom PCB. This provides mechanical isolation of each tube, insulating them from unwanted microphonics. It also provides
Pure Power
Each stage of the CDM has its own dedicated linear voltage regulator. This means the internal voltage of each stage is independent. This minimizes the sharing of differing internal voltages across each stage of amplification and the digital to analog converter. Linear voltage regulators are used because they produce a cleaner voltage rail than typical switching regulators. Because they do not use a switching waveform, linear regulators have lower output noise. Lower output noise is better for clean amplification. And in high fidelity amplification it is critical. Dedicated linear voltage regulators to each stage of amplification provides optimally clean power. Less crosstalk between the stages and better isolation of the analog and digital sections.
Digital Dynamo
The Wolfson WM8741 DAC chip occupies the heart of The Continental Dual Mono’s digital section. We selected this chip after extensive examination of all available reference DAC chips. The WM8741 has exceptional signal to noise ratio and extended dynamic range. It also provides low noise, low distortion and superior linearity. The Wolfson provides high resolution DSD and PCM playback and offers musically compelling digital filters. WM8741’s minimal phase digital filter is more natural sounding because it has no ‘pre-ringing’ of its impulse response. Just as a piano doesn’t produce sound before a key is pressed, the minimal phase filter doesn’t ‘pre-ring’ its impulse response. The power feed to the digital section is turned OFF when the USB cable is unplugged. When the DAC is active, the internal Li-Ion battery and linear voltage regulators provide the power. The noisy 5V rail from the USB is not used for any part of the power. This means less grain to the sound and no digital harshness. For lowest amounts of jitter and cleanest digital to analog conversion we used a high quality clock IC in The Continental Dual Mono. For both PC and MAC computers, PCM 16/24 bit - with these sample rates (kHz) of 44.1, 48, 88.2, 96, 176.4, 192, as well as DSD64 are all supported. MACs require the driver provided for DSD playback. PCs require a driver for both PCM and DSD playback. Mobile devices also play well with The Continental Dual Mono. Android devices can pair with the DAC using a micro USB OTG cable and the ALSA driver. Apple iDevices can pair with the DAC using an Apple Camera Connection Kit and micro-USB to USB-A cable. The front panel lights provide you with quick access to the DAC’s sample rate. Red = 44.1 / 48kHz, Green = 88.2 / 96kHz, Blue = 176.4 / 192kHz, White = DSD64
Big Beautiful Battery
The Panasonic 18650 batteries are combined into a 3 cell pack to provide clean, reliable power to The Continental Dual Mono. The 3-cells are in series to deliver the voltage the tubes demand. We selected the this battery because it has a high cycle life, approximately 1000 cycles. It also provides short circuit and overcharge protection. It is also safely user replaceable. So when you reach the end of the batteries life, you can swap in a new one and keep the music going. Using a high quality battery to power The Continental Dual Mono makes the music come alive. Beyond the low noise floor you’ll discover tight controlled bass, natural midrange and a grain-free extended top-end. The clean power is immediately appreciable in the dynamic sound from the amplifier.
ALO Made Interconnects
The Continental Dual Mono comes with a Green Line USB Cryo-Fi Cable for USB DAC connection; and a SXC 24 2.5mm balanced cable interconnect (China, Hong Kong, Macau Exclusive). These interconnects acts as a powerful bridge between the CDM and your source.


RMS per channel, both channels driven

80mW into 32 ohms
95mW into 50 ohms
75mW into 150 ohms
60mW into 300 ohms

125mW into 32 ohms
145mW into 50 ohms
110mW into 150 ohms
95mW into 300 ohms

Input impedance

SE: 10k
BAL: 50k

Output impedance

SE: < 1 Ohm
BAL: < 1 Ohm


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