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相信藍牙耳機在近年都成為了香港人的必需品,無論聽歌、打機、煲劇、傾電話和做運動都離不開藍牙耳機,而現時市面上就有多款不同的藍牙耳機去滿足大家以上的要求。以創新為宗旨的日本耳機品牌 - ag今次就搞搞新意思,貼近ASMR的熱潮,特意打造全世界第一款ASMR專用的藍牙耳機 - COTSUBU for ASMR。

耳機的調音因應ASMR的錄製方式來製作,將人聲、空間感推往極致,為用家帶來極具像真度和刺激感的聲音體驗。而耳機外形還原COTSUBU 3.5g的輕巧設計,並配上期間限定配色Lavender,絕對是2021年不能錯過的藍牙耳機!

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Award-Winning Performance

In just one month of time, COTSUBU was honored by the most recognized and prominent audio-visual award in Japan, VGP2022, for “Product Planning Award” and “Gold Award (Bluetooth TWS above 5000Yen below 7500 Yen)”.


The tunning of COTSUBU for ASMR is aimed for Binaural Recording audio.

Smallest, Lightest and the Most Comfortable

With just 3.5g of weight on one side, COTSUBU is the smallest and lightest product ever made by ag, giving you the best experience of enjoyment in music anywhere. COTSUBU also comes with Final Type-E TWS Earpieces in different sizes, ensuring the best fit and keeping your earphone sitting perfectly in your ear canals. With the light-weighted and ergonomic design, you could hardly feel anything in your ears other than pure joy while using COTSUBU everyday.

Sound Tuned By Final

To ensure the top-notch tuning and sound quality, COTSUBU's tuning was completely supervised and monitored by Final, one of the most renowned audio brand in Japan with near 50 years of history. By minimizing the reliance on EQ and software tuning, COTSUBU is enabled to deliver deep and multi-layered low, while having no compromise on vocals, bringing you a clear and authentic tone.

Qualcomm® QCC3040 Chipset

Using the Qualcomm® QCC3040 chipset, COTSUBU supports Bluetooth 5.2 and codecs including APTX, SBC and AAC. COTSUBU also supports Qualcomm® True Wireless™ Mirroring, enabling your earphones to switch between "Primary" and "Secondary" earbuds automatically, enhancing the stability and efficiency in connectivity.

Auto-Pairing | Single-Sided Mode

COTSUBU is equipped with Auto-Pairing function, where your earphones will automatically connect to your phone once the charging case was opened, saving your effort on pairing them each time. COTSUBU also supports Single-Side Mode, where your earphones will switch connecting priority seamlessly when any side was being put back in the charging case.

IPX4|MEMs Microphone|Touch-Control Design

There is nothing to worry using COTSUBU in the rain or during your workouts with its IPX4 splashproof design. The outside of the earphone was also equipped with “MEMS microphone” and “Qualcomm cVc”, eliminating environment noise in your calls and improving the clarity of your voice. In terms of controllability, COTSUBU was implemented with “Touch-Control Design”, making it convenient for daily use.


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