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R series flagship model with a brand-new technology “WARP system” generates a speaker like sound ambiance with a sensitive expression of earphone.A trinity of WARP system, patended technology SkIS and s.n.a system creates high resolution spacious sound.Experience the new sound no speaker nor earphone had ever produced.

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Made with Titanium in Japan

titanium alloy, suitable material to reproduce a sound with a sense of speed is adopted for the front housing part, and by adopting a lightweight aluminum material excellent in acoustic characteristics for the body, a clear sound and a feeling of wearing without stress are secured. Attached cable is removable. The highly reliable φ2.5 plug connection method is adopted for the connection part. proprietary spiral cable that is less likely to be tangled and has less cable core breakage, and has excellent durability. With thorough production control is performing precise quality control and balance adjustment by Made in JAPAN.

Feel the Soundstage -

Cross mix specific frequency and sound level from L to R, R to L creating widen sound field. An acoustic circuit essentially effective for earphone.

Deliver the Genuineness -

SkIS is a 6kHz sound suppressing system which is carefully designed and achieved by the spatial volume behind diaphragm, the venthole on driver frame and spatial volume of driver cap.The air behind diaphragm acts like a spring supporting diaphragm vibration. SkIS carefully suppresses air movement behind diaphragm which acts on 6kHz sound range only and not effecting on other sound ranges.

Recreate the Preciseness -

An unprecedented sound adjustable system in the sound nozzle at the end of production assembly for a precise balancing of L/R for a precise sense of sound position.



Φ10mm Dynamic Driver


OFC Oxygen Free Copper/1.2m/Φ3.5mm plug(Φ2.5mm interchangeable on earphone side)
Silver Plated/1.2m/Φ3.5mm plug(Φ2.5mm interchangeable on earphone side)





Frequency Response

20Hz ~ 20kHz


15.8g(Cable not included)


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