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Artio continues to rethink the connection between people and sound, and to search for new "forms of sound" that can be felt in our daily lives.

Our goal is to create something that will become a new "form" for you. Artio aims to create products that will become a new "form" for you.

Artio was launched with the CU1 on February 23, 2018 with such a brand concept.

Thanks to your support, many people were able to experience Artio's "new form of sound," and we have continued to propose "new forms of sound" by creating models with several concepts since then. Artio = "Ars (product of human study)" + "Creatio (ideal creation)


『CU2』Product Overview
『CU2』 adopts another form of "a.i.m.", a patented technology used in the previous "CU1", and aims to create a dynamic and powerful sound field like headphones, even though they are earphones, by taking a different approach from CU1.

Another form of

The patented "a.i.m" technology adopted in CU1 has another form of "a.i.m", which is an O-shape in front of the driver unit, in addition to the convex form adopted in CU1, which is placed opposite to the driver unit. The O-shape arrangement adopted for the CU2 is different from the CU1, but we aimed to create a dynamic and powerful headphone-like soundstage.

High-quality machined aluminum housing

High-quality aluminum with excellent acoustic characteristics is used for the housing material, and all exterior parts are machined to create a simple, high-quality, and calm design with a focus on weight reduction and deep texture. The simple appearance, which even eliminates the brand logo, reflects our desire to let customers feel this product without any preconceptions.

Easy-to-use cable and Pentaconn Ear connector

The detachable cable uses a proprietary spiral cable that is less likely to tangle or break, which has been well-received in previous products, and the Pentaconn Ear connector manufactured by Dick's of Japan is used for its high quality, high reliability and connectivity.

Newly developed original earpieces

Newly developed original earpieces have been developed to maximize sound and wearability. The design is highly visible, with a total of six sizes (SS/S/MS/M/ML/L), and the size can be identified not only by the size print but also by the color band. The brighter color tone adds a gorgeous color to the overall calm design.


Housing materials

CNC machined aluminum


10mm dynamicdriver

Adopted technology

a.i.m(Absorbing Ideal Mechanism)





Frequency response



Pentaconn EAR connector, OFC wire, 3.5mm 3-pole stereo mini plug (L-shaped), 1.2m

Weight (including cable)



Silicone earpiece SS, S, MS, ML, L (size M is attached to the main unit)
Ear piece case / Carrying case / Instruction manual and warranty card


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