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D8000 Pro Edition




 New sound design with refreshing sound tuning and high volume playback capability.

In response to the requests from recording professionals who prefer to listen with louder volume than general consumers, final has decided to redesign the D8000 by

・Enhancing the Air Film Damping System

Preventing the diaphragm from colliding with magnet

・Reducing the intensity of low range

Leading to a clearer and more focused sound signature

・Inheriting the delicate sound quality of D8000

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Sound setting concept

By taking into account the human auditory characteristic that the low range is more audible while listening at higher volume, the low range is intentionally scaled down for the D8000 Pro Edition. Due to this change, compared to the D8000, the D8000 Pro Edition delivers a higher clarity and more defined sound which is relatively more suitable to music genres such as POPS and ROCK which has a narrower dynamic range.

High Volume Capability

By running simulation of diaphragm by finite element method and repetitive measurement by laser doppler vibrometer, we have developed an enhanced version of AFDS technology which provides stronger air film without sacrificing the original amazing sound quality. With this new achievement, D8000 Pro Edition has solved the issue that the diaphragm contacts the magnet while the low range is played in extremely high volume.

Silver Coated & OFC Black

By default, the D8000 Pro Edition comes with - OFC Black Cable 3.5mm/1.5m and - Silver Coated OFC Cable 6.3mm/3.0m The high-purity OFC silver coated cable provides a wide sound stage. These jointlydeveloped cables were originally designed by and are currently manufactured by the wellrenowned Junkosha corporation for the purpose of being used with the supercomputer "Kei" due to their fast signal transmission speed.

High Durability Earpads

The D8000 Pro Edition is equipped with new developed earpads. The touching surface made by Toray Ultrasuede offers extraordinary softness with exceptional comfortability and durability

Repairable Structure

To make repairs and future upgrades possible, almost every part has been designed in such a way that they can be dissembled. This ensures that the product can be used for many years following purchase.

High Precision Housing

To establish AFDS, an extremely high level of precision compared to typical driver units is necessary. Because of this, the machined aluminum magnesium alloy housing has been machined with great precision. By applying the kind of leather coating finish used with high-quality cameras, we've also taken measures against minute vibrations.

Manufactured In-House

The D8000 Pro Edition is manufactured at our head office in Kawasaki. Together with the precisely manufactured individual parts, the precision involved in the assembly process depends on the precision of the tools known as jigs that assist in the assembly process. So as to be able to fine-tune even the slightest of irregularities in jig precision during the assembly process, we design and manufacture production jigs and measurement jigs ourselves.

Carry Case

The D8000 Pro Edition comes with a carry case which makes for compact storage of the headphones. The case also comes with a pouch for storing the 1.5m long cable.

VGP 2019 Summer Life Style Award




Aluminum magnesium alloy


AFDS Planer Magnetic








OFC black cable 1.5m, 3.5mmφ plug / OFC silver coated cable 3m, 6.3mmφ plug


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