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Recently, music trends have changed, and the sound characters required for earphones have also changed. In particular, today's music demands high resolution throughout the full frequency range, and crystal-clear mid-high. In response to these demands, we developed a new earphone, intime Miyabi, based on Kira/Go series. The word "Miyabi" represents the Japanese traditional concept of beauty, especially the elegant and refined beauty of aristocrats. We considered that the refined, elegant, and beautiful sound of the earphone is appropriate for this word, so we named it "Miyabi".

The most important characteristic of Miyabi is its flatness. Generally, flatness characteristics are often used in monitor earphones. However, by adopting our key product VST2 (3rd generation) for its characteristics, we have further improved the contour and resolution of the sound for Miyabi. Moreover, it is not only flat, but also has the beautiful resonance of brass and the clear sound of graphene woofers. As a result, Miyabi has an all-rounder sound suitable for all kinds of music, not just contemporary music.




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Brass Body with Exquisite Design and Tuning

As brass instruments turn the vibration of lips into a beautiful sound, earphones with the brass body have soft and warm resonance. Furthermore, the tint of brass changes gradually into antique-like color as you use it. For these characteristics we adopted brass for Miyabi. In order to create the design worthy of the name “Miyabi”, we need Japanese traditional elegant coloring for housing. The tortoiseshell coloring is often used for traditional ornaments of the aristocracy, so we determined to try tortoiseshell resin housing. The tortoiseshell pattern by injection molding is quite difficult because it is not homogeneous dye blending. By gathering the best of the technologies of Japanese molding craftsmen, we realized the resin housing with the tortoiseshell color pattern.



10mm Graphite coated Dynamic Woofer
3rd Gen. Ceramic Tweeter VST2
3rd Gen. HDSS Technology

Housing Material

Brass & ABS

Frequency Response







MMCX (Nobunaga Lab) 4.4mm Balanced

Manufactured in JAPAN


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