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Coherence -  a Sound Decision

Armed with four vented sub woofers, redeemer delivers powerful bass that replicated the sub-rumble and decay of a dynamic driver with deeper extension and power. Specifically tuned for musicians and bass lovers looking for dynamic and warm sound without compromising the mid and high frequencies. Redeemer's sound signature was very carefully thought of.

The loss and cut-off in the low frequencies caused by wireless in ear monitor systems will compensated with its enhanced bass response.


Custom Price: Starting at $9,980


Ordering Procedure:

1. Please fill in the form and confirm your payment.

2. Order ear molds at hearing centre:

Ear Impression will be included for orders of Redeemer, AXL and Alas V3. Customers are required to get the impressions at our appointed hearing centre and the order card must be presented.

Ear impression is not included for models such as Aiden, Aisha/Aisha Pro and Aim Pro; customers are required to pay an additional HK$ 380 for ear impression fee or to provide ECT with their ear impressions  

ECT will collect the ear impressions at our appointed hearing center. Customers are required to deliver their impressions from hearing centers which are not appointed by ECT.

3.  Standard manufacturing process takes around 5 - 7 weeks, depending on the situation.

Rush order service is available, it takes around 1 week and the service charge is HK$ 800



8 BA (4 Low, 2 Mid, 2 High)


119dB @ 1 mW


10 ohms @ 1kHz


10 Hz – 20kHz


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