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The Daring and Amazing Adventures of Captain Francis Aristarchus

On the Halcyon home world, where the singularity took place millions of years ago, the humanoid inhabitants have long forgotten a time when a core intelligence did not serenely guide every aspect of their existence.  

Everything unfolds in blissful computational perpetuity, from global weather systems to the reseeding of biomes.  And it has been this way for so long that any attempt to remember its origin would be lost were it not for the self-revelatory device provided by the planet’s Singular First Intelligence.

Though most inhabitants never see the need, any curious individual seeking answers about these seemingly perfect surroundings may experience their lives from the perspective of the ancient machine.

The off-world scholar who agreed to share this technology with Captain Francis Aristarchus asked for nothing physical in return, merely access to our database of history and folklore.  When he first tested the peculiar headgear, Aristarchus fell into a deep slumber resembling death.  He watched a nameless sky pass overhead and heard clouds become every part of his unbound mind.

Weeks later, the science team approved this godly instrument for listening.

Campfire Discoveries #1: Trifecta


Our Dealer

-聲峯耳機專門店/Apex Headphone (旺角星際城市)
-Broadway百老滙 (旺角西洋菜南街)
-Fortress 豐澤 (銅鑼灣時代廣場店)
-Jaben Hong Kong (旺角榮華大樓)
-Let's Go Audio (灣仔電腦城)
-Mongkok Station Limited - 旺角站 (旺角信和中心)
-NP Mall HK (荔枝角)
-RIGHT SHOP AUDIO (旺角信和中心&灣仔電腦城)
-英京 SK-HK.com (旺角友誠商業中心&利園山道)
-新八佰伴 (澳門)
Pure, Unparalleled Dynamics

Trifecta’s triple dynamic driver configuration produces an unparalleled, towering sonic profile that surrounds the listener in rich textures and an expansive soundstage. Our custom full-range 10mm ADLC diaphragm dynamic drivers face one another in an equilateral triangle, combining seamlessly into a single voice, enveloping you in a uniquely lush and powerful sonic presentation. Astounding sonic experiences await. Immerse yourself in pure sound with Trifecta.

Revealing the Sonic Power Within

Trifecta’s patent-pending triangular body shape incorporates three 10mm, ADLC diaphragm dynamic drivers into a single earphone while remaining comfortable and lightweight in the ear.

Clear as the Sky is Blue

An optically clear, robust nylon housing allows a full view of the inner workings of Trifecta, revealing the three gold-plated dynamic drivers within. Each is expertly soldered with high-purity copper and pure silver conductors.

Time Stream(s)

Trifecta includes a full complement of our new Time Stream cables. A soft and pliable jacket removes microphonics and reveals the silver-plated copper conductors. Complimented with gold plated and polished metal accents, our new Time Stream cables are part of the cohesive vision of Trifecta. Good things come in threes, and with our 2.5mm, 3.5mm, and 4.4mm terminations all included, you’ll be sure always to have what you need to keep Trifecta the earphone of choice with all of your audio devices.



Optically Clear Nylon Shell


Stainless Steel Gold PVD Spout


Three Full Range 10mm ADLC Diaphragm Gold-Plated Dynamic Drivers

MMCX Connecter

Custom Beryllium / Copper MMCX Connections

Frequency Response

5Hz–20 kHz


94 dB SPL @ 1kHz: 16.91 mVrms


6.3 Ohms @ 1kHz

Total Harmonic Distortion less than 1%


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