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Diana TC is the latest version in the evolution of the world's thinnest planar headphone by ABYSS.

This latest model Diana TC headphone pushes technology from our award winning flagship AB-1266 Phi TC into a thin lightweight form factor for amazing world-class dynamics, resolution, and refinement to sound in a stylish headphone.

'Bigger on the Inside' best describes the huge sound, with excellent speed and wide soundstage that extends outside of your head with impeccable tonal balance and instrument separation, and voices so real you're with the band. Diana TC plays her heart out for you every time you wear her.

This headphone is excellent for those who seek a more linear frequency response with very low distortion while adhering to our moto of playing music with respect to the artists and engineers responsible for laying it down. The attention to musical detail and ability to hear into the recording this naturally is stunning!

ABYSS Engineering Marvel - Miniaturizing the AB-1266 into DIANA

Retaining the amazing speed and impact of the large AB-1266 while miniaturizing the entire headphone package proved to be a huge engineering challenge. ABYSS spent two years toggling between Solidworks 3D software and machining prototypes to reach a point where the DIANA headphone could be no thinner. 

Rigid and Ultra-Thin - The Engineering Feat of ABYSS

The ultimate result is a ultra thin yet rigid shell that begins at over 1000 grams of aircraft grade aluminum then ends with an under 100 gram frame structure once the CNC machine completely removes every last bit, with smooth accuracies measured in fractions of a thousandth of an inch.

Sophisticated Style and Incredible Sound - Meet DIANA TC

The DIANA V2 headphone comes well dressed with your choice of two classy outfits, and the higher performance DIANA TC as well . A hard polymer ceramic finish give her metallic parts customizable color, and as in the finest of sports cars soft leather and breathable Italian Alcantara® cradle your skin.

Acoustics are huge with headphones, they’re like tiny rooms for your ears. Being material experts allows ABYSS to fine tune the room to offer up speaker like performance around your head, sound as if you are seated next to the band. The open back Fibonacci hole pattern was tuned to match the speaker drivers perfectly, allowing sound like life itself. Thin is in, and every one of the DIANA headphone's sculpted curves is purpose built for good looks, and great sound.

Open Back for a More Realistic Sound Experience

Open back means more of a sense of space and you-are-there realism, with a positive benefit of allowing you to still hear your surroundings while on the go.  Lower volume settings let you carry on a conversation with others while playing relaxing background music, raise the volume to dissolve outside noise. The proximity of the natural sounding speakers to your ears allows the brain to focus on music with an illusion of floating outside of your head.



63 mm patented TC planar drivers


69 ohms nominal


90 dB/mW


390 grams


- Made in New York canvas carry case with leather accents and accessory pockets for easy travel
- 1.5 meter cable by JPS Labs


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