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The DXII features a 12mm single dynamic driver with a gold plated brass chassis. It has a “W” sound signature with thunderous bass, smooth mids and surprisingly detailed highs. 

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Wizard’s sound expectations

The thickness and shape of the LCHP diaphragm was custom made specifically for Noble in line with the Wizard’s sound expectations - crystal clear on high and mid frequency coupled with a broad sound stage and rumbling yet accurate bass and sub-bass. To enhance the fidelity of sound reproduction, the top and edges of the diaphragm have been specially shaped to improve fidelity.

FEMM magnetic field simulation

With a magnetic field simulated by FEMM software, the dual high performance NdFeB (neodymium) magnets and the magnetic flux density of the coil allows the dynamic driver to reach maximum performance. This special design provides strong driver response in every frequency point, from resonant highs to roaring bass.

Metal Coating

To improve bass response, the driver’s copper housing is plated with gold. The metal coating can improve the response of mid frequency and bass, resulting in a broader sound stage. It also looks outstanding!



12mm LCHP Gold plated Copper Dynamic Driver

Frequency Response:

10Hz – 28KHz


106.7dB @ 1KHz


14.9 ohms


Noble’s 8 Core OFC cable, 0.78mm, 4.4mm


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