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E Type Earpiece Truly Wireless Exclusive Edition (Clear)


Generally speaking, many competing ear tips are shaped in such a manner that puts strong pressure deep in the ear canal, and wearing them for a long time is a cause of pain and fatigue.

The new TYPE E Truly Wireless Exclusive Edition ear tips are a type that fit softly into the opening of the ear canal, and so there is no sensation of a foreign object. By minimizing the sensation of fit itself, we have achieved the “Supreme Highest Sensation of Fit”.


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Mix of material

Two types of silicon are being used in E Type earpieces, harder silicon with grooves is being used in the middle to support the tube, and softer silicon is being used in the outside. This helps to improve sound isolation and comfort

Five sizes available

To fit with the ear canal of various users, Final has launched 5 sizes to fit with users' needs. A pair of good fit earpiece will bring more comfort, and will allow the earphone to be placed closer to the eardrum.


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