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EVA x final Collaboration TWS - TYPE-Rei


EVA x final Collaboration True Wireless Stereo was introduced jointly by final Audio and Nippon TV.

As the first true wireless earphone ever made by the Japanese audio design brand Final Audio, not only have they designed the product with the essence of EVA, but it also has promising sound quality just like their previous products.

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Evangelion Design

The whole new Typr-Rei was designed in blue and white, representing Rei in the classic anime. The element of EVA could be found everywhere in the product, with synchronizing curve on the package, and having the TWS designed in a strong and bold style similar to the Evangelion.

Sound Quality Comes First

The earphone comes with a Dynamic Driver using an ultra-thin diaphragm. Not only it has the deeply dived bass that comes from the driver, but it also has exceptional performance in vocals and providing information, where you can observe every detail in the music with multi-layered experience and balanced tone. Final Audio has always been pursuing the quality of sound and drivers, instead of just using equalizer in sound tuning. Such method could minimize the hearing fatigue, giving the best experience to users.

Super Efficient Battery Life

Earphones could be used for more than 9 hours after fully charged (6hours for aptX), while adding an extra 54 hours of battery capacity from the charging case. LED lights could be used for checking the remaining battery level.

Original Character Voice Control

Voice control sound effects in the earphone were recorded by Hayashihara Megumi, the original voice actor of the EVA character Rei Ayanami. Both Japanese and English are available as voice control option.

Stable and Efficient Connectivity

EVA2020 TWS has used Qualcomm QC3020 chips, supporting aptX format that gives excellent stability and quality in connection. With Bluetooth 5.0, users could enjoy high quality sound with almost no delay.

EVA2020 x final Collaboration True Wireless Stereo


Bluetooth 5.0

Battery Life (Approx.)

9 hours (6 hours for aptX), 63 hours in total including charging case

Battery Capacity

2 * 55mAh + 950mAh Charging Case

Charging Time (Approx.)

2 Hours

Frequency Rate



Charging Case, Type E TWS Earpiece(SS,S,M,L,LL), Charging Cable


Rei Ayanami Special Colour(Blue-White)


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