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The Empire Vocal Reference (EVR) MKII is the next generation of the EVR and is consequently the best vocal reference in-ear monitor we've ever crafted. Improving upon its predecessor in every imaginable way the EVR MKII is designed for the highest vocal sound reproduction quality possible while delivering even more dynamic range, headroom and detail.

The EVR MKII comes equipped with a premium 5 driver hybrid configuration, consisting of triple balanced armatures and dual electrostatics, alongside a completely reengineered 3-way synX crossover network driven by EIVEC and ARC resonance mitigation technology to effortlessly reproduce the sonic transparency needed for vocal performances, mixing and mastering.

The EVR MKII is Empire's most vocal centric IEM for professional use and it delivers the most accurate tonal detail to meet the needs of music, cinema and broadcast production.

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A Vocal Reference Hybrid

Boasting two of the industry’s most advanced driver technologies, EVR MKII is truly a standout Vocal Reference IEM with an uncompromising performance ethos focused on delivering an exceptionally accurate monitoring experience. 3 Precision Balanced Armature Drivers – Low, Mid, High EVR MKII comes equipped with 3 proprietary balanced armature drivers divided across 3 separate frequency bands for maximum coherence and resolution. Two Electrostatic Drivers – High, Ultra High EVR MKII masterfully manipulates dual electrostatic drivers in unison with our proprietary EIVEC technology to effortlessly reproduce a remarkable 10Hz-100kHz frequency range. The ultralight moving membrane within EVR MKII’s electrostatic drivers give the most accurate transient response, resulting in unparalleled clarity, separation and detail.

synX: Legendary Crossover Network

Genetically dissimilar from the rest of the IEM world, our synX crossover system truly stands out with countless bespoke methods and technologies protecting it as a unique masterpiece. A marriage of 2 different driver technologies become symphonized by a unique, proprietary 3-way synX crossover system designed to maximize performance from each and every driver.

EIVEC: Mastering the Electrostatics

The lightning-quick electrostatic drivers accommodates EVR MKII’s wide frequency range while remaining balanced and compact. A single bespoke transformer unites the quadruple electrostats via our proprietary EIVEC technology to all of the other components while eliminating any signs of phase incoherence and distortion.

ARC: Resonance Mitigation Technology

ARC (Anti-Resonance Compound) is a proprietary conformal coating that virtually eliminates unwanted vibrations and resonance from within IEMs. ARC effectively increases the mass of the components it’s applied to: every driver, crossover, and sound tube. This gives the internals more solidity while serving as a dampener to absorb the unwanted resonance instead of reflecting them out of phase. With A.R.C. clarity is increased substantially, bass is deeper, and the IEM becomes more efficient.


At Empire Ears we believe that an extraordinary IEM requires an extraordinary cable. We’re proud to introduce Alpha-IV (A4); a premium handcrafted 4 core cable comprised of a proprietary 26AWG UPOCC Litz Copper with multi-size stranding. The advantage of multi-sized stranded design within the same encapsulations enables A4 to achieve distinct highs and details due to the signal transmission speed in thinner cable strands, while the thicker size cable strands deliver smoother bass and mids.



3x Proprietary Balanced Armature Drivers
2x Premium Electrostatic Drivers

3-way synX Crossover Network

1 - Low
2 - Mid
1 - High / Ultra-High

EIVEC: Mastering the Electrostatics

ARC: Resonance Mitigation Technology

Frequency Response

l0Hz - l00kHz


115 dB SPL @ lkHz


3 Ohms@ lkHz


ALPHA-IV (A4) 26AWG UPOCC Copper Litz Cable


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