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Experience the culmination of nearly a decade of experience in the tuning and refinement of an all-balanced armature IEM. Fathom takes the long legacy of Campfire’s world-class precision and technical performance to its peak with our new six-B.A. internal architecture. 

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New Six-Balanced Armature Architecture

Fathom is equipped with six custom-made balanced armature drivers, each designed with a specific role in mind to enhance your listening experience. The configuration includes dual custom high-definition super tweeters for crisp, clear highs; a pair of custom mid-range drivers for accurate vocal and instrument reproduction; and dual custom BA woofers for rich, balanced bass. This setup is meticulously engineered to deliver precise sound reproduction across the entire frequency range.

Tuned With Intention

This curve displays relative volume levels at each point across the frequency spectrum, reflecting Fathom's careful balance and refinement in tuning. Though FR curves are a great general guide, they can't convey technicalities like soundstage, imaging, layering, etc.

Elegant Design

Fathom is encased in a machined aluminum body anodized in a sleek, black, bright-dip.  The Rainbow PVD fasteners cast a vibrant spectrum of light against the deep black of the anodized shell, creating a striking contrast that is both visually captivating and elegantly understated.

Product Information


Ergonomic machined aluminum housing


定製超高頻動鐵*2 (超高頻、高頻)
定製Sonion動鐵*2 (中頻)
定製雙腔室動鐵*2 (低頻)

Frequency response

5Hz – 20kHz


11.7Ohms @ 1kHz


94 dB @ 1 kHz: 6.75 mVrms


Time Stream 線材(鍍銀銅線基)


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