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In 2022, final proudly introduce another new model into their 8000 flagship lineup, the ZE8000. ZE8000 is a pair of Truly Wireless Stereo (TWS) earbuds that has been delicately designed in both its hardware and software so as to manifest the acoustic properties — 8K SOUND — newly discovered by final. Utterly different from conventional sound design approaches, this brand new 8K SOUND technology exceeds the achievement of “Transparency” accomplished by the D8000 and A8000, and delivers an unprecedented level of clarity, with the true identity of every bit of sound revealed in full force, promising a whole new level of music enjoyment.

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Ultra-Low Distortion Driver, f-CORE for 8K SOUND

8K SOUND can only be realized when hardware and software are designed in parallel and the two complement each other. In order to realize the full potential of digital signal processing technology, the driver unit must be highly accurate and have extremely low distortion. The ZE8000 features the newly developed "f-CORE for 8K SOUND" ultra-low distortion driver with a large 13mm equivalent* diaphragm, unprecedented for TWS earbuds. A lightweight aluminum-magnesium dome in the center is injection molded onto a highly flexible special silicone surround, and a floating mechanism is used for the CCAW voice coil leads. These designs have resulted in a significantly lighter diaphragm and, because no common adhesive is used, stable piston motion during vibration is achieved. The "f-CORE for 8K SOUND" is said to be the dynamic driver with the lowest THD+N (Total Harmonic Distortion Plus Noise) in wireless earphones and IEMs. This superior physical characteristic of "f-CORE for 8K SOUND" not only provides the highest precision in digital signal processing results but also allows for the fullest possible portrayal of sound texture and detail. * An approximate diameter calculated from the area of the central dome

Noise Suppressing System with AB Class Amplifier & PML CAP

To complement the ultra-low distortion driver "f-CORE for 8K SOUND" and the digital signal processing dedicated to the ZE8000, high-quality electronic hardware components are used to minimize electronic distortion and noise in the music signal generation circuitry. The ZE8000 uses a Class-AB amplifier, which is known for its excellent balance between sound quality and power efficiency, rather than the power-efficient class-D amplifier used in many TWS. Class-AB amplifiers contribute to more faithful music reproduction because of their lower distortion. The decoupling capacitors of the microchip for digital signal processing are high-performance, low-distortion PML CAPs (Polymer Multilayer Capacitors) designed by Rubycon, a renowned Japanese manufacturer. Designed using the latest manufacturing technology, the PML CAP has achieved significantly lower distortion than a typical MLCC (Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor). This makes the output of digital signal processing, which is essential for 8K SOUND, cleaner and more accurate.

8K SOUND Dedicated Digital Signal Processing

Conventional sound tuning focuses primarily on altering the frequency response, with little freedom to master the time response. Taking advantage of the computing power of the ZE8000's microprocessor, a series of algorithms using FIR filters were designed and applied to rectify both the frequency and time response. In addition, multiple digital signal processing techniques are applied to each other to enhance the overall system performance and meet the requirements of 8K SOUND.

Sound Quality Prioritized Active Noise Canceling

With many headphones and earphones, turning on the ANC degrades sound quality and can cause users to feel oppressed, stressed, and discomfort (especially when no sound is playing). To solve this problem, our engineers conducted numerous experiments with customized equipment and evaluations with actual humans. As a result, we succeeded in designing a noise-canceling algorithm that effectively eliminates annoying ambient noise in the ear, creating a quiet virtual environment ideal for listening to music, while remaining faithful to the original sound and enabling a stress-free listening experience. To enhance the accuracy and performance of the ANC algorithm, high-quality Knowles MEMS (Micro Electromechanical Systems) microphones are used.

Switch between 4 modes: noise canceling/external sound capture

Furthermore, in addition to the normal "noise canceling mode", it is possible to switch between four patterns: "wind cut mode", "listening while listening mode", and "voice through mode". "Noise Canceling Mode": Reduces ambient noise to make the playback sound easier to hear. This is the default setting. "Wind cut mode": Reduces the "wind blowing sound" noise caused by the wind hitting the microphone of the earphone body, making it easier to hear the playback sound "While listening mode": The music playback volume remains the same , you can hear sounds around you. This eliminates the unnaturalness of loud sounds, such as footsteps, which are supposed to be soft, and is a natural sound capture function that feels less uncomfortable than when you are not wearing earphones. You can enjoy music as background music while checking the surrounding sounds while running or working. "Voice through mode": Automatically lowers the music playback volume to make it easier to hear the surrounding sounds. This is effective when temporarily listening to outside sounds such as train announcements. You can talk without taking off the earphones. *To use it, a software update using the dedicated app "final CONNECT" is required.


Communication Format

Bluetooth 5.2


Qualcomm QCC5141

Frequency Response


Battery Life

Up to 5 hours / Case included: Up to 15 hours

Water Resistant


Charing Time

1.5 hour for earphone / 2hours for case

Battery Capacity

54 mAH for single side earphone/420 mAh for case




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