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Heaven VIII



A vast sound stage and natural sound you could listen to forever.

The housing is a stainless steel molded from created using MIM (Metal Injected Molding). After molding stainless steel powder with a die, the form is sintered in a furnace at temperatures exceeding 1,200 degrees, a method that achieves a housing impossible with metal-cut items. It has become possible to freely design housing forms that have considerable influence on sound quality. With this new technology, it has become possible to control elements such as resonance and air flow that effect great changes to sound quality: owing to this, a vast sound stage and natural sound that you could listen to forever has been achieved.With Heaven VIII, a variety of tuning has been applied to the driver unit and the interior of the housing by heightening the low-pass reproducibility, a greater realism is achieved.

Balancing Air Movement
BAM mechanism optimizes the air movement inside the housing
Metal Injection Molded Housing
MIM Technology achieves a housing that is impossible to make with metal-cut. The air flow now have a more efficient control, contributing to a vast sound stage.
Original Cable that eliminates
The cable is manufactured by Final Audio Design and is specially designed to eliminate "touch noise".



Gold-Plated Stainless Steel

Driver Unit

Balanced Armature Driver

Length of Cable



Approx. 29g


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