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 'Iliad" is the euphonious fusion of triple stellar materials which are able to stand in its own right. It's forged from the catalyst of high grade pure monocrystal silver with industry new palladium plated silver while adding a meticulously calculated amount of gold-silver alloy to add a spark to its spirit and soul. Further tempered by an Eletech solder mixture, "Iliad's" sonar qualities are calculated, every step of the way. Augmented by an incredible Type-4 Litz hybrid geometry and a Kevlar core, the "Iliad" is an
incredibly soulful acoustic piece that elevates acoustical performance to the apex. 

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Perfect Combination

Eletech team wanted to create a truly unique flagship statement piece during the inception of “Iliad” by combining the unique traits of high end materials - “Gold Plated Silver / Gold Silver hybrid” , “Pure Silver” and “Palladium Plated Silver”. ‘Gold’ application in cables usually brings forth a irresistible sweet soulful mid-range but often is placated by the lack of transient speed and dynamism. ‘Silver’ have always been unsurpassed in details retrieval but refinement while being untextured and lacking in lows volume. While Palladium brings in exceptional soundstage refinements and improvements, it tends to sound dry and thin.

Connector Housing

Every Eletech cable with the configuration of 2Pin / MMCX is sported with a bespoke designed Eletech shell housing that’s made of Pentaconn specialty ‘Aluminum Alloy’ which features a seamless structural integrity and rejects magnetic EMF radiation. It’s specific chromed texture and shaping has been refined multiple times to achieve perfect ergonomics. Eletech’s logo is engraved using Pentaconn Japan’s high precision apparatus to achieve an extremely deluxe finish.

FlexiMax Insulation™

Eletech’s FlexiMax insulation is a bespoke customized medical grade PVC insulation that has excellent tensile strength with superior flexibility. The need for the insulation customization stems from Eletech use of higher strands wiring internals (24awg internal wiring with market common 26awg outer diameter).


Eletech’s cable materials all undergoes a Cryogenic process that goes down to -195 to -196 Degrees Celsius. Usual Cryogenic processes requires the cooling to goes down to -190 Degrees for materials stabilization to take effect. The processes undergo a 3-Step process of “Ramp Down”, “Soak” and “Return to Ambient” over the course of a week to ensure materials stability and reduction of minerals and stresses.

Eletech Deluxe Leather Cases

All products within the series ‘School Of Athens’ & ‘Parnassus’ will come with a specially designed and portable hand crafted leather carrying case.Individually handcrafted and hand burnished to create a truly unique finish. Each carrying case will develop patina user marks with use and shall exhibit your very own individuality.


- 24 AWG


- Flawless Monocrystal Silver+ Palladium Plated Silver + Gold-Silver Alloy

- Hybrid Type-4 Litz Geometry ; Kevlar Resilient Core

- Cryogenically Treated

- Eletech Customised connectors and Y-split

- FlexiMax Insulation™


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