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With a commitment to continuous innovation and a passion for excellence in audio technology, Jomo Audio has been a prominent player in the high-end earphone market since its rebranding in 2021. The "Impulse Ti" is the latest addition to the brand's impressive lineup, showcasing the integration of advanced metal shell IEM manufacturing design and refined craftsmanship.


Drawing inspiration from Alpha Ti in-ear monitor, the success of the Jomo Audio's collaboration with Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore, the "Impulse Ti" is a result of This cutting-edge research project explored the application of titanium alloy in creating high-end universal in-ear monitors. Building on this experience and customer feedback, Jomo Audio embarked on a fresh journey to design the all-new "Impulse Ti" in-ear monitor.

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The art of sound

In terms of acoustics, the "Impulse Ti" employs a unique combination of two dynamic drivers, six balanced armature drivers, and a single ceramic piezoelectric driver. The five-way passive electronic crossover circuit and four-way acoustic crossover network work in harmony to create a vibrant and dynamic sound signature.


The low-frequency range is powered by two custom 10mm dynamic drivers, featuring ultra-thin titanium diaphragms for enhanced responsiveness and impactful bass. The brass CNC-machined chamber efficiently controls air movement and delivers increased volume output through the sound waveguide.


The mid to high frequencies are handled by six high-precision balanced armature drivers,


ensuring detailed and transparent audio performance. To compensate for the shortcomings of the balanced armature drivers in the ultra-high frequency range, a multi-layer ceramic piezoelectric driver was employed, adding an extra layer of airiness and brilliance to the overall sound performance.


The art of Ti

Crafted with precision, the "Impulse Ti" features a 5-axis CNC-machined titanium alloy shell, combining ergonomic design with aesthetic elegance. The intricate honeycomb pattern on the faceplate, crafted using complex multi-layer processing, showcases the fusion of artistry and technical prowess. Hand-polished and finished with a durable PVD coating, the "Impulse Ti" boasts both exceptional performance and a stunning appearance.



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