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Kublai Khan


Descending directly from the lineage of the original Khan, the Kublai Khan features 4 different types of drivers, including a 10mm dynamic driver for superb bass and sub-bass, a bone conductor subwoofer, four Knowles BA drivers for mid-low and mid-highs, and a 10mm Piezo super tweeter.

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10mm DD & Bone Conduction

The Kublai Khan was designed to improve upon the award winning Khan by improving bass performance, addressing some of the harshness that the Piezo super-tweeter and fixing the iphone electromagnetic interference issue. The 10mm bass driver paired with the bone conductor subwoofer fills out the entire lower frequency range without making the bass sound bloated and even more importantly, without masking the higher frequencies that the Khan excels at. It is well known that if the bass is too strong it can rob the music of detail. This phenomenon is referred to as "masking." The bone conductor allows for greater bass response without the masking effect.

Rich & Detail

The 4 Knowles BA drivers were specifically chosen for excellent mid-low and mid-high performance. The mids are rich and detailed, with strong presence for piano, guitar, and vocals, along with a natural timbre. There’s a good body to everything that lends to a strong sense of weight and realism in the imaging.

Non-fatiguing treble

Piezo drivers are known for producing some of the clearest and most precise high frequency reproduction possible. However, Piezo drivers are terrible at all other frequencies. For this reason, the Piezo super tweeter used in the Kublai Khan is only used for the highest frequencies. This gives the Kublai Khan a very open-air and natural sound that excels at detail and accuracy without being overly harsh.



1x Bone Conduction
1x 10mm Dynamic Driver
4x Knowles BA
1x 10mm Piezo super tweeter

Frequency Response:

20Hz – 25KHz


107dB @ 1KHz


15.4 ohms


Noble's 8 cores OFC Cable, 0.78mm, 4.4mm


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