Luxe - Patina Moss Green


Every piece of “Luxe” companion case is crafted from a unique single continuous piece of premium cowhide. This in turn allows for every “Luxe” companion case to be unique with their own grains and patterns. Every piece of leather is tanned and hand burnished separately to achieve the desired leather patina effects.

Paired with Eletech customized luxurious metal parts and components for a lavish and completed finish. The “Luxe” companion case is then individually hand stitched and finished with a leather polish for the finishing steps, ensuring this craft to age boldly and magnificently.

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Accessories included in the package:

- Long Leather Strap x 1 pc
- Short Leather Strap x 4 pcs
- Padded IEM perforated pouch x 4 pcs


- Premium Cowhide Leather


L : 180mm ; H : 205mm ; D : 55mm

Individually Hand Burnished

Fully Modular Interior compartments

Limited 100 Units Worldwide


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