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Make 4 (Workshop Only)


You can find your own unique music experience with the DIY earphone series. This earphone can adjust the sound through the "MAKE Dial" without disassembling the earphone, and is equipped with the new "f-Core for MAKE" driver. This earphone uses the newly developed ultra-low distortion driver unit "f-Core for MAKE" to achieve a detailed and realistic sound with a thick core. In addition, the new mechanism of the "MAKE Dial" allows you to adjust the sound according to your preferences, such as emphasizing bass or treble, or highlighting vocals, without disassembling the earphone. Moreover, the tuning is possible with the easily removable screw-type sound guide tube, making it a reassuring specification for both users who have the previous series and those who are experiencing the MAKE series for the first time. By replacing the filters of the MAKE Dial, sound guide tube in three locations, and the vent at the bottom of the housing, you can create at least 9317 different sound effects.

f-Core for MAKE

The new model features a single dynamic driver unit, the "f-Core for MAKE," which was developed to achieve extremely high precision frequency response characteristics to allow for subtle sound quality changes that are easily perceptible through tuning. The "f-Core for MAKE" is a new design based on the previous "f-Core" series, and is capable of producing ultra-low distortion.

The diaphragm is made of a special resin that combines lightness and hardness, while the edge surrounding the diaphragm is made of an extremely flexible special silicon material that enables smooth, low-distortion vibration. Furthermore, the diaphragm and the special silicon edge are directly thermally bonded without using any adhesive, contributing to improved assembly accuracy, significant weight reduction, and reduced distortion.

As a result, the MAKE4 has evolved into a model that allows you to clearly distinguish and enjoy the subtle nuances of each individual sound that were previously difficult to hear amidst other sounds. With even more attention to detail in tuning, the MAKE4 is a model that offers an even more enjoyable listening experience.

Make Dial

The new mechanism "MAKE Dial" is installed, which allows tuning without disassembling the earphone or replacing filters. You can adjust the sound by turning the "MAKE Dial" on the back. When the dial is turned, the sponge located on the back of the driver inside the housing is gradually compressed, changing the density and altering the sound quality. Turning the dial clockwise produces a bass-heavy sound while turning it counterclockwise produces a treble-heavy sound.

Screw-type design sound guide tube

The sound guide tube is a screw-type design that can be easily removed. The sound guide tube has D-filters (10 types with different densities) on the outside and inside, and an E-filter (6 types with different densities) inside the sound guide tube, allowing for tuning according to your preference.

Turning Method 1

Turning Method 2

Turning Method 3

Turning Method 4



Stainless Steel


f-Core for MAKE 動圈



MMCX Connecter





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