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Ode To Laura



Working with a triple bespoke copper catalyst, Eletech’s Team succeeded in the creation of a flagship level copper upgrade cable, boasting exquisite sonar qualities and peak technicalities.


Drawing experience from “Aeneid” and “Socrates” as well as special configurations like the “Tyrian”, Eletech took the accumulation of R&D and expertise to develop an all new “Ode To Laura”, building it afresh from ground up, introducing new geometry and shielding method that has yet to be implemented before, resulting in a stunning new-gen Copper flagship.

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Quadruple Stranding Design

“Ode To Laura” core structure features an Eletech newly designed 9-Core geometry that allows for extra stability and enhances audible frequencies extensions. Every single core is housed with 3 uniquely developed Copper with different capabilities (α,β,γ). The ‘α’ type copper exudes a very thick lush traditional Hifi Copper signature with a buttery smooth signature, “β” type copper offers extreme levels of technicalities and airiness while “γ” type offers a organic tone and congeals a balance between the extremities. These materials are stranded into 4 different stranding sizes to specifically target a segment of frequency response with the intended signature. “Ode To Laura” will also feature the same OFC shielding that enjoyed great success in “Inferno” and “Tyrian” allowing for background to be quieter and details to become more apparent.

9 Core Geometry

The “Ode To Laura” displays high levels of musicality, complete with a grand soundscape while exuding extreme technicalities through the blend of triple Eletech Bespoke OCC Copper housed in an Eletech’s first 22AWG configuration. Within the geometry, sports a golden ratio dispersion allowing Eletech to ultra-maximize the available spaces, packing materials to the brim while significantly reducing skin effect.

Design & Form

The Aesthetics form development of the “Ode To Laura” sports the theme of “Regalia”, “Laurels” , “Vintage” as well as “Intricacy”. Eletech specially designed this flagship hardware to sport high levels of attention-to-detail yet gives off an understated vintage overtone. Y-Split is intricately design for a dual-layer stepped design which enhances the tactile experience while making it appear 3D-like with a coherent imagery. The outer ring of design features renaissance styled architecture while the inner base has convex projections in the form of emblems to complete the design imagery. Outer ring has been plated with aged copper and finely sandblasted to achieve and vintage aged effect. Connector end sports a refreshed look at well to perfectly match the new hardware in theme. Featuring “Laurels” permutation in staggered alternating configuration. The “Ode To Laura” offers a complete and luxuriant product experience in congruence with the entire “Parnassus” series.


- 22 AWG


Triple Bespoke Premium OCC Copper Blend

- "α" : exudes a very thick lush traditional Hifi Copper signature with a buttery smooth signature,
- “β” : offers extreme levels of technicalities and airiness
- “γ” : offers a organic tone and congeals a balance between the extremities

- Quadruple Stranding Design

- 9 Interior Core Litz, Kevlar Infused

OFC Shielding

- Cryogenically Treated

- Eletech Bespoke Solder

- Eletech Customised Y-Split and Connectors

- FlexiMax Insulation™


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