PM0.3BD Bluetooth Active Speaker system


A new innovation in desktop speakers that supports Bluetooth® & USB connectivity


An active speaker with built-in Bluetooth and USB-DAC that allows you to enjoy subscription music and video streaming with high-quality sound.
Equipped with a "MUSIC / VOICE" mode switching function that allows you to switch the sound quality according to the application, such as listening to PC audio or monitoring video distribution, and by making precise adjustments using DSP, you can listen to PC sound sources and subscribe to music and videos. From entertainment to games, it provides a powerful sound space on your desktop.

"MUSIC/VOICE" mode switch

"MUSIC" mode has a sound quality suitable for PC audio, smartphone listening, DTM, etc. "VOICE" mode has a sound quality suitable for voice-based monitoring such as narration in Internet distribution.

compatible with digital (Bluetooth/USB) and analog (AUX).

It is possible to switch between multiple inputs, such as a smartphone for Bluetooth, a PC for USB, and an audio interface for analog.

Newly designed 75 mm woofer and 19 mm soft dome tweeter.

The glass fiber diaphragm woofer and silk dome tweeter, combined with precise sound quality adjustment using DSP, provide high-quality sound that is compatible with high-resolution sound sources, from a massive low range to a firm midrange to a relaxed high range.

Separate enclosure and amplifier structure.

The enclosure is made of wood, which produces a natural sound. The active speaker (on the right) has a structure where the enclosure and amplifier section are separated, thereby blocking unnecessary air vibrations of the circuit components caused by the sound inside the enclosure, and creating a structure that brings out the full performance of the 15 W + 15 W digital amplifier. is. Furthermore, the passive speaker (left side) uses a similar separation structure to ensure that the left and right enclosures have the same volume, suppressing differences in sound quality caused by the difference in internal volume between the left and right speakers.

UL Energy Verified certification

Equipped with a power saving mode that reduces power consumption if there is no sound for 15 minutes. Power saving mode can be turned on/off using the switch on the back.


Enclosure method

2-way bass reflex system

bass driver

75mm cone woofer

treble driver

19mm soft dome tweeter

Amplifier output

15W + 15W

Frequency response

100Hz – 40kHz

External dimensions

110 mm (width) x 212 mm (height) x 133 mm (depth)


3.4 kg (1 pair)

Communication method

Bluetooth standard Ver.5.0


Bluetooth standard Power Class1

Transmission band


Communication distance

Approximately 10 m *If there are no obstacles

USB terminal

USB type C


RCA pin jack (output linked to front volume)


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