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For discerning listeners seeking precision and sophistication: Ponderosa’s five balanced armatures offer unparalleled audio clarity in a masterfully crafted body, transforming your music into captivating portraits of sound.

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Beyond Frequency Response: Expansive Sound With Patented T.A.E.C.

Campfire’s patented driver treatment technology, our TAEC technology is a specially crafted, unique space in which a balanced armature is housed. This allows for the emphasis/de-emphasis of specific frequency bands, enabling the ultra-fine tuning of a driver. 

In Ponderosa, TAEC is applied to the dual-high driver assembly to create an incredibly precise and detailed high-frequency response. Coupling this high driver architecture with our three-way Phase Harmony Engineering, ensures a smooth interaction between a segmented, precision-tuned high-end and the remaining frequency range.

Solid Body Build: Safe & Sound

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